Top 10 Skin Care Tips For Your Sensitive Skin

If you’ve experienced skin irritation or redness on application of some skin care products, you possibly have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is the least discussed topic and we often confuse this type of skin with more severe skin conditions like utricaris and rosacea.

You can take care of your sensitive skin by following some useful guidelines. Here are the top 10 skin care tips for your sensitive skin.

Caring for sensitive skin can be wearisome at times but do not worry. You can keep even your skin type healthier by looking after it properly. The first skin care tip for your sensitive skin is to select skin care products for sensitive skin that contain lesser preservatives, additives and colorings.

Tip number two for sensitive skin type is to use skin care products that are exclusively meant for sensitive skin. Before making a purchase, you must read the instructions mentioned on them along with restrictions and warnings.

Sensitive skin care tip number three includes washing your face twice daily. Excess cleaning should be avoided as it will cause excessive dryness of skin. But if you spend long hours outdoors, you must cleanse your face when you return home. A soap-free as well as alcohol-free cleanser should be used.

If you have got sensitive skin
, you can experience irritation if you expose it to pollutants and dirt. This may cause inconvenience to you. So the next tip for sensitive skin care is to prevent your skin from dirt, filth and pollutants.

Tip number five is to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by applying suitable UV protection or sunscreen lotion/cream before going out in the open.

According to sensitive skin care tip number six, you should not use toners because most of them contain alcohol, which is not suitable for sensitive skin type. And tip number seven is to avoid exfoliating or scrubbing your skin too harshly because this can lead to inflammation as well as redness.

Tip number eight for caring sensitive skin is to select sunscreens, moisturizers and makeup products that are odorless and hypo-allergenic. Use of products on your face should be minimized. Tip nine can be to avoid sleeping with your make-up. Use hypoallergenic make-up removers to remove make-up.

Last but not the least, tip number ten is to wear protective gloves while washing, cleaning or using chemicals.