Top 5 Aerobic Exercises To Stay Fit


Top 5 Aerobic Exercises To Stay FitAerobic Exercises are high intensity exercises that is why some people find them tough to do while some feel bored doing them.  But if we analyse these Aerobic exercises we will find a wide variety of these exercises which can be done with variations so that we do not feel bored.

Moreover we can choose them according to our liking, physical condition and needs. Heart and Circulatory System are the vital parts of our body and they help in transferring the vital elements and nutrients like amino acids, electrolytes.

Some important gases, hormones and many more important things also travel within these blood capillaries with the help of heart. Aerobic Exercises play a major role in strengthening our circulatory system and the Heart.

Many Researchers have found out that if we do these exercises in the form of entertainment then they will not only help us in keeping fit but will also work as a source or enjoyment too. Let us check out these Top most five Aerobic Exercises and how they can help us to stay fit with complete entertainment.

Know About Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises are also known as Cardiovascular Exercises.  Fitness experts suggest that while doing them all the muscles of our body are involved. That is why aerobic exercises are best in burning maximum calories in our body and help on losing maximum weight. So let us find out the best Aerobic Exercises which will help us in burning calories and losing weight also.

Skipping With A Rope

In this aerobic activity the lower body part or the abdominal area gets worked out the most. The body portions which are stretched most are the thighs, hips, shoulders and the various abdominal joints.

The best part of Skipping with a rope is that it causes least muscle injury as compared to other normal workouts. Skipping improves the coordination of the whole body also as it requires proper synchronization between the hands and legs for jumping with the rope.

Cycling Or Biking With Bicycle

Earlier people used to travel long distances with the help of bicycle only or they used to walk down all the way. But now cycling has become an important form of aerobic exercise. Now a day’s most of the gymnasiums and fitness freaks have adopted biking or cycling as best aerobic exercising form to lose weight and burn maximum calories.

The best way to do cycling is with right posture and technique. The right technique and the posture can be learnt from a professional physical trainer. Cycling with the right posture not only helps in losing fat but also relaxes the various portions of our backbone and various joints.

Cycling mobilises the knee joints the most along with the pelvic joints. The greatest benefit of this aerobic exercise is that you can do it both indoors as well as outdoor. So if you want fresh air then you can go for biking and if it is raining outside then you can do your exercise at home itself by cycling indoors.

Walking Briskly The Best Way To Exercise

This is the easiest aerobic activity which you can do without the help of any fitness trainer. Moreover it can be done at any time of the day and can be done by each and every age group too. There is no restriction on any one about walking.

Top 5 Aerobic Exercises To Stay Fit

You can do walking with different intensities and vary the speed to add some fun or to make it more effective. Fitness experts say that brisk walking is the best form of walking exercise and it does maximum good to our health. Brisk walk for just half an hour everyday not only helps in losing weight but also makes our heart strong and the circulatory system quite efficient.

Walking Is Of Two Types

Speed Walking:

It is mainly adopted by the professional walkers who run for marathon or long races. There is a special technique which needs to be followed while doing speed walking.

Race Walking:

Race walking is mainly followed by common people, which does not have any special technique. You just need to walk in a particular pace and there is no coordination between the hand and legs movement.

Swimming The Whole Body Fitness Exercise

Swimming is considered to be the best exercise amongst all the aerobic exercises, because the whole body remains active while swimming. While swimming the muscles of whole body from head to toe get stretched and the best part is that in this form of aerobic exercise too the risk of muscle injury is least.

This aerobic exercise not only helps in relieving the stress form our body but also helps in keeping us fit. Thus swimming helps us both ways by keeping us stress free both physically as well as mentally too. Fitness experts say that swimming not only helps in reducing weight and fat loss but it also helps in toning the muscles of the body too.

Swimming makes the body muscles stronger and keeps them toned also. Swimming strokes help in improving the metabolism of our body, rather they increase the rate of metabolism in our body. Swimming improves the body posture and burn the extra calories stored as body fat in our body. This is the reason why swimming is supposed to be a total body workout for fitness and health.

Running With The Right Shoes For Aerobic Fitness

According to The American college of Sports Medicine running has multi benefits attached to it as an aerobic exercise. Since this aerobic exercise is done with high intensity only it has multiple advantages like reducing the body fat and improving the DHL Cholesterol level in our body.

DHL cholesterol is healthy cholesterol which is required for efficient working of the heart. At the same time this healthy cholesterol reduces the risk of high blood pressure and coronary artery diseases in our body. Fitness experts have found that activity like running helps in activating most of the enzymes present in our body and helps in activating the hormones which help in improving the working of the muscles of our body.

Thus we can very well analyse how these top 5 aerobic exercises like running , swimming , walking , cycling and skipping help us in staying fit and healthy. So choose the one you enjoy most and stay fit and fine.

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