Top 5 Tips For Controlling Acne And Rosacea

Even though rosacea looks like acne, it is different from acne. Some people get confused by these terms and think that acne rosacea is a type of acne.

But this is not at all true! Acne rosacea is a skin condition which is also known as papulopustular and results due to the dilation of the fragile facial blood vessels. This dilation causes flushing, which remains for longer duration and causes rosacea.

Methods used to control rosacea slightly differ from that of acne condition. Given below are top 5 tips for controlling acne and rosacea.

Tip 1 Extra oil is formed during the day, which needs to be cleaned properly in order to unclog the pores. For this, you should deep cleanse your skin. This will eliminate the bacteria responsible for acne inflammations. Using topical antibiotics and oil free skin care products help to control acne as well as rosacea.

Tip 2 – The anti-acne products such as creams, face wash and exfoliant used should be of good quality. All these serve different purpose in controlling acne and rosacea. The exfoliant deep cleanses the skin and gets rid of the dead cells of your skin.

The face wash serves the purpose of deep cleansing the skin and eliminating the bacteria, which may lead to irritation, redness, acne and rosacea. You should avoid the application of the topical steroids on opened rosacea.

Tips 3 – The third tip for controlling acne and rosacea is to avoid extremes of temperature. Thus, you should avoid moving directly from the freezing temperature into an intensely heated environment. And if you do so you will promote the outbreak of rosacea.

Protection from the intense heat of the sun is also essential for controlling acne and rosacea. Application of a suitable oil-free sunscreen on your skin is the most welcomed step. Hot showers will also do no good to you. Instead it will cause rosacea to flare up. So avoid hot showers as far as possible.

Tip 4 – Some foods are known to be good triggers of acne and rosacea. These triggers include spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, foods that contain histamine. These are efficient enough to cause rosacea and hence should be eliminated from the daily diet.

Tip 5 – Signs and symptoms of acne and rosacea are often confusing and difficult to diagnose. Get properly diagnosed so that you can take proper steps to control acne and rosacea.