Treatments For Macular Degeneration


Treatments For Macular DegenerationMost of the conventional medical doctors believe that macular degeneration is incurable and untreatable. One will be amazed to come in terms with the fact that as many as thirty million Americans are known to be affected with macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is known to affect people of 65 years of age and above. People in this age group are 25 per cent more at risk of developing macular degeneration. The risk of developing this disease increases by 30 per cent in people having an age of 75 or more.

Macular Degeneration Treatments

Nutritional Therapy

It is possible to treat macular degeneration through the intake of high doses of minerals and antioxidants. It needs to be borne in mind that human body is incapable of forming any mineral and vitamin on its own with the exception of vitamin D.

Hence, the formation of vitamins and minerals can only happen through the intake of a balanced diet. Vitamins and antioxidants play a pivotal role in maintaining healthy vision. Proper treatment of macular degeneration can only be ensured through the intake of high doses of minerals and antioxidants.

Macular Degeneration

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In order to heal macular degeneration in a natural way it is necessary to ensure high doses of zinc, vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamin E. The most important component of vision health is nutritional therapy.

Beta-carotene is considered to be extremely essential for the formation of cell reproduction in the eye. Beta-carotene plays a pivotal role in enhancing vision health as well.

Role Of Vitamins

In order to heal macular degeneration in a healthy manner it is advised to ensure proper doses of vitamin C. Vitamin E is also a key component for treating macular degeneration as it helps to protect the cell membranes considerably.

Zinc is another vital mineral that helps to protect the eye from the formation of free radicals. Near about 300 enzymes require zinc so as to repair wounds and to optimize vision health.

Micro Current Stimulation

Apart from nutritional therapy, micro current stimulation also plays a pivotal role in stimulating nerve fiber and the macula. Micro current stimulation is a non-surgical procedure that goes a long way in improving the health of the macula. There is a strong belief that macula degeneration arises due to the loss of electrical energy.

Hence, stimulation through the means of conducting micro current therapy helps in stimulating the macula thus ensuring healthy blood circulation. Ayurvedic treatment of treating age-related macular degeneration has also gained immense importance in recent times.

Micro Current Stimulation

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The main aim of herbal treatment relating to macular degeneration is to preserve vision for a long period of time and to prevent considerable damage to areas surrounding the eye.

Some of the well-known ayurvedic medicines that help in preventing macular degeneration include Aswagandha, Manjishtha, Tulsi and Haritaki. There are a number of medicated eye drops that also help to get relief from macular degeneration.

Medicated eye drops that contain proportions of Haridra, Triphala and Rose water are always recommended for use. Such medicated eye drops are considered to be extremely beneficial for promoting eye health.

It is a fact worth mentioning that the combination of ayurvedic medicines along with the modern treatment facilities can go a long way in getting relief from the macular degeneration problem.

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