Treatments For Problematic Skin During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is that period in a woman’s life during which there are many changes going on in her body, both externally and internally. All these changes are clearly visible on the skin.

During pregnancy most of the skin problems arise due to the hormonal changes in the body. Therefore pregnancy is the time when your skin needs special care and attention to prevent different skin problems.

Some Skin Problems During Pregnancy

There are some common skin problems, which arise during pregnancy.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is the commonest skin problem pregnant women face during pregnancy. This problem occurs mostly due to the over stretching of skin. Dry skin also attracts more skin problems such as itches, rashes, herpes and skin yellowing.


Apply a good moisturizer gently on your face; drink more water and fresh juice to stay hydrated.

Mask Of Pregnancy

The basic reason for this skin problem is hormonal change in the body. In this condition, you will notice skin of your nose and temple becoming darker and full of wrinkles. About 50% of women get mask of pregnancy while they are pregnant.


To prevent mask of the pregnancy, you should apply a good sun care lotion 15 minutes before going outdoors. You can also protect your face from harmful sun rays by wearing your favorite cap. During pregnancy, your skin is overly sensitive and the chances of getting dark spots on your face due to the sun rays increase.

Melasma Skin Problems During Pregnancy

This problem is also caused due to over-exposure to sun rays and it results in the skin going dark.


Avoid going outdoors without applying sun care lotion. Don’t worry too much about the darkening of the skin as it will become normal after delivery.

Pimples And Acne During Pregnancy

These are common skin problems for a pregnant woman. If you already have acne problem, it may get worse during pregnancy. There is an imbalance in hormonal levels during pregnancy and due to this there is more secretion of oil which results in proliferation of pimples.


To prevent acne, pimples and breakouts your skin needs extra cleansing, you should use good and fragrance free face wash at least twice a day, in early morning and in the evening.

Don’t use acne medication as these may contain harmful substances and they may affect your pregnancy. If your skin is getting too dry because of frequent washing of your face, apply an oil-free moisturizer. If you are still facing this problem, consult your doctor.

Some Common Tips To Cure Problematic Skin During Pregnancy

There are some easy to do tips which will help your skin to look better and be problem free.

Exfoliate your skin

Avoid using too much make up, as it can intensify skin problems and additionally be harmful for the baby. Try to exfoliate your skin as much as possible. It will help to remove useless and dead skin from your face and make your skin delicate and tender.


After exfoliation, wash your skin lightly with confront facial cleanser. That will clean your skin deeply and take away all impurities.


After cleansing skin with a good cleanser, Scrubbing helps to take out dust particles from your skin and gives you a glowing and shining face during pregnancy. Avoid using soaps to wash your face, as they contain harmful chemicals that spoil and damage your over-sensitive skin during pregnancy.

Keep in mind that during pregnancy you are not supposed to use any type of medication for your skin problems. These medications have lots of side effects as they put the fetus’ health at risk. Try home remedies to avoid problematic skin during pregnancy as much as possible.

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