Try Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Today’s lifestyles mean more stress – you suffer from anxiety on an everyday basis. If you allow stress to take over your life, your health is bound to suffer. You can reduce the anxiety in your life when you know how to manage stress. And yoga can help you achieve this by loosening the tension in your body and mind.

How Does Yoga Help?

The goal of yoga is to help you reach a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state of tranquillity. Yoga combines stationary and moving poses along with deep breathing exercises to deliver relief from stress and improve relaxation.

Focused meditation and attention to breathing will help move your mind away from distractions that lead to stress. Yoga helps you heal and then takes you forward, teaching you to control and eliminate stress. The best part of focused breathing is that it can be done anywhere, anytime – at the office, in the train and in your drawing room.

The Best Yoga for Stress Relief

Opt for yoga classes that focus on slow yet steady movements and gentle stretching. Don’t go for power yoga, as it emphasizes on intense poses – this is more for fitness buffs. Bikram yoga, which is practiced in a hot environment might be too heavy if you are a beginner. So look for words like “stress relief” or “yoga for beginners.”

Beginning your Practice

There are different types of yoga practices that vary in philosophy, approach and intensity. The best way to learning yoga is to attend group classes. You could also hire a teacher and once you have learned the basics, you can move on to group sessions or practice alone.

Check your fitness levels before you join a yoga class. There are yoga classes designed for different needs – yoga for seniors, prenatal yoga, and adaptive yoga (yoga for people with disabilities). Learn in a low-pressure environment – if find a pose uncomfortable or painful, back off immediately. Your teacher will be able to show you poses that are less challenging.

Research has shown that yoga breathing techniques help fight stress-related problems. Calm your mind, slow your heart rate and relax your muscles – through regular yoga practice, you keep your body and mind more energized and less burned-out.

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