Understand Your Body Mass Index

What is Body Mass Index? It is a prescribed method by which you can assess your weight with respect to your height. Weight is not an absolute unit. It must be measured with consideration to the height of an individual.

A matrix has been developed which assess the ideal weight of the body of a certain height. When you calculate the weight of your body using the index, you may  be classified as underweight, normal, overweight or obese. Your category is determined based upon the numbers or points you score.

There are a number of ways in which the BMI calculation can assist you. It can tell you your  exact weight if you are an adult. The measurement can be a little inaccurate if you have an especially muscular build, though this is due to the fact that the muscle weight may be calculated as fat. If you know exactly which category you fall in, you will be better equipped to evaluate the choice of foods you should include in your diet.

Moreover, the BMI helps you set a target for losing or gaining weight. It will make the process of your workout easier as you will be able to prepare an appropriate diet plan for yourself. It will keep you motivated as you will be able to work hard towards a visible goal. It can serve as a catalyst if you want to lose or put on more weight.

Many people favor the BMI because it allows them to see their risk for, and stay away from, acute diseases like those of the heart and lungs. If you fall in the category of obese, you will need to consult a heart specialist.

In addition, BMI assists a person with a skinny physique to improve his or her weight. Sometimes you do not realize that you do not have an ideal or healthy weight in accordance with your height. But by virtue of the body mass index, you can learn more about yourself and take the appropriate steps to improve your health.

The health-conscious will use BMI as a monitoring tool for any changes in their weight. It is helpful for those who want to lead a healthy, youthful life. Therefore, it is necessary for you to calculate your BMI periodically. It will keep you informed about the rate of change of your weight.