Various Kinds Of Allergies And Their Treatment


Various Kinds Of Allergies And Their TreatmentIt is very common that we ignore allergies thinking them as common and curable problem, but if ignored it can be precarious for our health in the long run. Before we learn about various kinds and treatments of allergies it is important that we understand what is allergy.


The reaction of the immunity system of our body towards any external element is called Allergy. Mainly people are into the habit of ignoring allergies and never try to find that they might be allergic to one or many things. There are many allergens which are responsible for causing allergies like pollen grains, dust particles, mould spores, food, latex rubber, insect poison or medicines.

Food Allergy:

This can occur due to consumption of particular food. It is not necessary that for the first time only body will show allergic reaction on consuming the food. It might act as priming for the body and next time when we consume the same food it aggravates the allergic reaction.

Various symptoms of food allergy are itching in mouth or swelling, Feeling vomiting, diarrhoea, cramps in stomach and pain, rashes on the skin and very low blood pressure can occur due to food allergy.There are many foods which induce allergy in kids like eggs, milk. Peanuts, dry fruits like walnuts, soya and wheat.

Whereas the foods which cause allergy in adults are shell fishes like shrimp, lobster and crab, peanuts, fishes like salmon can also cause allergy in adults. Allergies due to food develop in the growing stage, but can develop at any age there is no hard and fast rule. Children can develop resistance with age towards allergies, but allergy due to peanuts remains persistent lifelong in them.

Causes Of Allergic Reactions

Allergy Due To Fruits

Some people are allergic to fruits and vegetables like apple, seeds of cherries, ajwain, tomato and green chillies. This kind of allergy is known as Oral Allergy Syndrome. But cooking or processing of such foods kills the allergy causing agents in them and thus they can be consumed easily without any harmful allergic reactions.

Allergy Due To Exercise

Eating food just before exercising can cause allergic reaction in our body. It is very easy to tackle the allergy which occurs due to exercise, just avoid consuming any food at least one to two hours prior to exercising.

Allergy Due To Milk

This kind of allergy mainly occurs in kids and children. Allergy due to consumption of cow’s milk is very common in babies and it ends on its own after few months. The main indicators of this allergy are pain in stomach, hives and eczema. This allergy can best be detected by the doctor only because pain in stomach occurs due to lactose intolerance also.

Types Of Allergies Affecting Human Beings

Respiratory System Related Allergies

Sneezing is not always because of cold, sometimes it can occur due to presence of some kind of particles in the air we breathe. Some common symptoms of respiratory allergies are:

Sneezing along with running nose or blocked nose. Cough along with sore throat. Itching in eyes with redness and watery eyes. Dark circles start appearing around the eyes. Problem in breathing and blockage in chest.

Allergy Due To Environmental Factors

Allergic reaction causing pollen grains are found and released in the environment by common plants and trees which do not have attractive flowers.

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These pollen grains when come in contact with us cause allergic reactions in our body. Flower vendors etc. become resistant to the pollen grain that’s why they do not show any such reactions.

Allergy Due To Dust Particles

Dust particles are the major reason which cause swelling in the nose as an allergic reaction and they cause similar symptoms as caused by pollen grains allergy.

The dust which gets settled in our house daily is also one of the allergy causing agents and it consists of a mixture of allergy causing agents like threads of clothes, cotton threads, cotton strands, bacteria, fungal growths in the house, moisture ridden places etc. are some of the common allergens found in our house.

Allergy Due To Animals

Pet animals are the biggest sources of allergens, which proliferate in the oil glands found in their skin or the saliva secreted by them. These allergens get stuck to their skin or various places as dogs and cats are into the habit of licking themselves very often. Even their urine is also a major source of allergens produced by proteins.

Cats are more responsible for spreading allergies than dogs, because they lick their body more than the dogs and they remain inside the house more often than the dogs. Allergies which develop due to pet animals take 2-3 years to proliferate and it takes 6 or more months to get rid of such allergies. Even if you leave your pets, then also the allergens remain active in the atmosphere of house for at months.

Precautionary Measures To Avoid Allergies

The only way to prevent food allergies is to stay away from the food that causes allergy in our body. Before eating any food do read the ingredients listed on the label and then eat accordingly. By keeping cleanliness around the house you can remove several causes of allergies.

For example if we wash our hands with soap and water then the peanuts allergens will be removed and in the same way various domestic cleansers can be used to remove the dust particles and other allergens from the surface of the house.

The best precautionary measure is to stay away from these allergens whether they are dangerous or not. Like regular cleaning of your house can easily help you in saving you from allergens like dust particles and moisture in the walls and various places. Try to keep your house cool at the temperature of 68 to 72 degree Fahrenheit, keep the humidity level low and maintain proper ventilation in the house.

Avoid using heavy curtains, carpets, furnishings and bedcovers etc. which are tough to clean and wash, in your house. It is important that if you are allergic to pets never keep pets in your house. Pollen grains are more in the air during the mornings or in the evenings, so avoid moving out during these times. This way by following few precautionary measures you can save yourself from various health hazards caused by allergies.

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