Various Types Of Sources And Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins required by the human body in optimal amounts for the proper functioning of various organs in the body. Fortunately there are countless sources available that provide us with a lot of vitamin C.

Vitamin C Benefits

These range from vegetables to fruits to supplementary pills. Vitamin C is a very effective antioxidant and it is very helpful in neutralizing free radicals. This is important because these radicals are responsible for causing harmful diseases like cancer.

Having the right amounts of vitamin C in the body will reduce the risk of anemia as it helps in absorbing iron from various food sources. Vitamin C also helps maintain the collagen structure in the entire body. Collagen is a very important protein of the body; it helps connect all the tissue, and fiber network together.

Having vitamin C rich food products will help your good cholesterol levels increase and your immunity levels will increase as well. Our heart is a muscle and like any other muscle in the body it can get stronger or weaker. As such having vitamin C will help make stronger and tougher.

These are some of the main benefits you can have from taking vitamin C; however if your body suffers a deficiency of vitamin C then your health can be in danger. If you play sports then you will experience sudden cramps that may get very painful.

Mouth blisters and fatigued muscles are also common symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. There are a lot of food products available that offer a lot vitamin C, so even if there are some foods that you do not like to have, with the amount of variety available, there is something or the other for everyone to have.

Benefits Of Having Vitamin C During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, in most cases she is advised to take a little extra vitamin C than her usual intake. This is because since it helps in improving the immune system, it also helps in strengthening the baby’s immune system.

In addition to that since pregnancy can be a little difficult, it allows your muscles to be strong so that you do not feel unnecessarily tired or lethargic. Usually about 500 milligrams of vitamin C are recommended per day; however it is almost double for pregnant women.

Vitamin C Benefits

Other Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

According to health experts, vitamin C is even proven to help against skin wrinkling, that is also why these days a lot of cosmetic products are being produces with rather high vitamin C content.

In addition to that it can help prevent sunburns sunscreens with SPF 15 or higher have a high concentration of vitamin C in them, as such this will help protect you from the sun and nourish your skin. Our eye lenses, the natural ones, require vitamin C, and it can prevent the eyes from long term damage that is usually caused by the sun.

This nutrient is also very beneficial in helping improve our vision. It also prevents a very common symptom of the development of cataract – clouding in the eyes. As such you can easily prevent cataract.

Diabetes can be a nerve racking disease and especially hard to manage, simply based on nutrition intake. Since it is known that a person with diabetes has a weaker immune system, having more vitamin C will help you heal your wounds faster.

Vitamin C Health Benefits

Natural Sources Of Vitamin C – Vegetables

Being one of the most potent antioxidant vitamins, it is widely available in natural products. In fact unlike some vitamins, vitamin C is mostly, if not only, found in natural food products. One serving of steamed broccoli will provide you with about 50 mg of vitamin.

Surprisingly enough, you only get around 17 mg of vitamin C from one serving of cooked, frozen peas. Orange which is said to be the mother of vitamin C provides you with around 9877 mg of vitamin C, just from one cup of the freshly squeezed juice. Half a cup of red cabbage will give you a lot of iron as well as 40 mg of vitamin C.

Red pepper is very high in vitamin C, as only half a cup can give you 95 mg of the vitamin. That is why it is recommended to have your food a little spicy, especially with red spice. Drink tomato juice or have it in the form of a salad because either way with one cup of tomato juice or about two whole tomatoes you can obtain around 45 mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin C Sources

Natural Sources of Vitamin C – Fruits

In addition to vegetables, Vitamin C is also found in a large number of fruits as well. Strawberries for instance, a fruit almost everyone loves, provides around 70-120 mg of vitamin C from a bowl or serving. One Kiwi fruit will give you about 50 mg, and 50 mg of this vitamin can be obtained from one orange.

Having a smoothie, another tropical delight, of any passion fruit, like mango will give you about 48 mg of vitamin C. The silver lining with fruits is that you can cut lots of them up in different quantities and make a delicious fruit salad out of them. This way you will get all the vitamin C that you need, that too in different quantities, as well as different types of proteins and nutrients that are also necessary for the body.



Vitamin C is very important for the body, and as mentioned above in detail, it has a lot of beneficial qualities for the body, and if the body is to suffer a deficiency, it can be fatal. As such remember that you can consume vitamin C in the form of vegetables, raw, steamed, smoked, or cooked as well as fruits.

With fruits you have the option of eating them individually or in a fruit salad or through juices. If you do suffer a deficiency, supplement pills can be used for emergencies. Either way consistently take vitamin C and stay healthy and happy.