Water Aerobics And Its Benefits

In recent times, the desire to have a perfect and fit body has gained popularity and more and more people are practicing fitness regimes to get their body in shape.

Aerobics is a great way to keep your body fit and in shape. Many centers have come up which teach aerobics to people and help them in attaining their fitness goals.

Water aerobics is an innovative way to stay fit and its benefits are extraordinary. The chief advantage of water aerobics is that it provides full support to your body while you workout. It prevents chances of getting injured or straining a joint or pulling your muscles.

Even if you fall, the water prevents injury and supports your maximum weight so that you can focus your undivided attention on your workout.
Exercising in water greatly enhances the flexibility of the body as the exercises are easy to carry out in water owing to its lower gravitational force. For older people whose joints have undergone wear and tear, it is even more beneficial.

Water is known to have a higher density as compared to air. Exercising in water enhances the muscle tone along with strengthening the endurance. The higher density requires more force to be exerted which gives the endurance power a boost. As a result, muscles get toned and for people who are willing to increase their body mass, water aerobics is a good option.

Water aerobics have the added advantage of burning excess calories and that too at a faster pace as compared to land aerobics. One hour of water aerobics burns approximately 700 calories. People with bulging waistlines can get back in shape with practicing aerobics in water and at the same time, enhance their overall fitness.

Water aerobics is also beneficial for cardiovascular health. Exercising in water maintains a comparatively lower heart rate than land aerobics and as a result, people with poor cardiac health can also practice such exercises. Moreover during summers when the mercury is at its peak, exercising in water is a great option which allows you to work out and at the same time, relax yourself in cool water.