Water Retention and Obesity

Time and again, people have blamed consumption of certain foods to be the main culprit behind obesity in a person. And it has been repeated constantly that those aiming at weight loss should drink as much water as possible daily, in order to reduce weight.

However, very few people actually talk about what happens when the body does not get enough water, and when it starts suffering from water retention – which happens to be one of the most common, yet never suspected causes of obesity.

It so happens that our body needs water at regular intervals to keep itself hydrated, so that all bodily functions are performed smoothly, and that the body temperature also remains balanced.

But when the body does not get enough supply of water, then the cells start storing the water already present in the body. As a result, a person starts to get bloated, and that leads to obesity.

Besides, it can even lead to many skin problems because with water being stored, the toxins are not flushed out at regular intervals, and acne and other related problems can arise.

A body which is suffering from water retention will not really have an effect even if you are consuming high calorie foods. Hence, in this case, it is the lack of water that causes more harm as compared to the consumption of fatty foods.

The solution to this problem of course lies in consuming as much water as possible daily. It is said that at least 10-12 glasses of water should be consumed daily for proper health and fitness.

One should also avoid foods items that have high quantity of sodium in them, as that too can cause the problem of water retention in the body.

At the same time, one must switch over to natural juices and foods, instead of going for the tinned or the canned ones. The daily diet too should be altered in a way that you have more of fresh fruits and salads to help the body flush out the toxins.

In case the problem of bloating or water retention is being caused as a result of some kind of medication that you are taking, then you can consult your doctor for an effective solution to this problem.