Ways To Fight Headache

Ways To Fight Headache

Does a headache leave you irritated and helpless most of the time? We all have the habit of swallowing pills to get rid of this pricking pain. The reason lying behind this is that popping a pill is the easiest, effortless, and instant solution to something like a headache. However, we all are aware that intake of too many pills is detrimental to our health as it has many side effects.

Ways To Fight Headache

Headache is not something, which one can easily neglect and continue carrying on with daily chores. It is something, which might sound simple but really can affect our daily lives. With headache, we are unable to think clearly, which reduces our patience level and decision making ability. Not to mention separately, it affects our concentration and hence our work life.

There are different types of headaches, some of which are really serious and may require immediate medical attention and treatment accordingly. Some reasons of headaches are sinusitis, weak eyesight, hypothyroidism, anemia, migraine, cervical hemorrhage, meningitis, surgery etc. I will be dividing our article on two sections.

In the first section, we will deal with habits, which we can cultivate to prevent headaches from occurring. In the second section, we will talk about the home remedies and natural methods by which we can fight with a headache when actually attacked by one.

Healthy Habits To Prevent Headaches

It is always said that “prevention is better than cure”. So, let’s have a look of some measures that can lessen the headache triggering factors

Observe Your Headache And Get To Its Root Cause

Any health ailment can be best treated when we know the cause. Observe your headache carefully, what generally causes it, what are the symptoms along with the headache and note down how frequently it occurs. New, Frequent and severe headaches require medical advice.

As mentioned earlier some headaches can be serious and hence it is advisable to contact your doctor and let him determine what the root cause of your headache is. Various treatments are available today for headache in Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda depending on the cause.

Homeopathic Treatment

Healthy Eating Habits And Choice Of Food

Along with having a balanced diet, it is crucial to maintain a sound digestive system. Indigestion many a times leads to headache. Eat slowly so that the food is digested properly. Health experts are now advocating the method of having multiple small meals in a day rather than three main meals. This method helps not only in sensible weight reduction but also in proper digestion.

Irregular eating timings, sleeping immediately after meals, sleeping excessively during the day, wearing tight clothes (especially tight near the abdominal section), drinking insufficient amount of water, obesity, eating too much of oily and spicy food, smoking and alcohol consumption are some of the habits which lead to indigestion which in turn can cause a headache.

Eat Balanced Diet

Do Some Foods Trigger Headache

Yes. Some foods do trigger headaches and hence one should be cautious while consuming them. These foods include caffeine-containing products like chocolates, diet cola, cheese, and yogurt, tomatoes, bananas, eggs. Extremely cold and stale foods, especially stale meat can trigger headache. It would be advisable to keep a track of the foods, after consumption of which you experience a headache.


Adequate Exercise, Psychological Factors And Enough Rest

Stress in one of the major causes of headache. Regular exercise and enough rest are required, not only for maintaining good heath but also in reducing stress levels. Exercise also helps increasing immunity. Psychological reasons, which include emotions like anger, crying etc., can cause headache. Overwork and tiredness can cause headache as well.

Gentle practices like yoga and meditation can help us create a balance between our body and mind, thus reducing stress. Other reasons of regular headaches include change in weather, lights (which also includes sunlight), noise, and smell. Protect yourself during exposure to direct and strong sun.


Can Menstruation Cause Headaches In Women

Yes. Menstruation in women can be accompanied with a number of symptoms like stomachache, constipation, and even headaches. This again can be prevented by exercise and enough rest. Quantity of salt should be reduced in the diet during these days. Try to remain stress free as well. In severe headaches due to menstruation, medical advice might help.


How To Fight Or Treat A Headache

Let us now have a look at some natural remedies and tips on treating a headache.

Steam- A Great Reliever

Inhalation of steam dissolved the mucus, which blocks our nasal passages and gives relief from headache. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water and inhale it for some time.

Take Steam

Paste Of Dry Ginger

Dry ginger which is readily available in powdered form (also called as “soonth powder”) in India, can be mixed with water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the forehead and lie down for some time. This paste can also be applied to the forehead while sleeping. Paste made from grounded sandalwood can also be used alternatively.

Dry ginger paste

Hot Ginger Tea

Tea lovers will be very glad to try this simple home remedy. Hot ginger tea, not only tastes great and refreshing but also gives relief from headaches. Other ingredients to be added in the ginger tea include cinnamon, turmeric powder, grounded clove, cardamom, and lemon grass.

Ginger Tea

Nasal Instillation Of Ayurvedic Oils

Another home remedy for headaches is the nasal instillation of ayurvedic oils, which are available today. This method is useful especially for headaches due to sinusitis. “Anu Taila” is one of such ayurvedic medicinal oil available.

Nasal Instillation

Massage, Hot Shower, And Ice Packs

Massaging the head, neck and taking a hot shower also gives relief from headache. Hot shower warms and relaxes the body in very less time. Massage also relaxes the muscles of the head and the neck and is an effective natural remedy for pains including headache. Application of ice packs is also useful in curing headaches.

Head Massage

Headache Diet

Headache diet is nothing but the foods, which should be included in our diet when suffering from headache. Earlier, we saw which foods could trigger headaches. Along with this, we also need to know which foods can help us when we are actually suffering from headache. Coconut water and vegetable soups are recommended during a headache. Whole grains, green vegetables, fish, chicken, and spinach are some more foods recommended during headache.

Headache Diet


Taking rest or rather sleeping is also helpful in curing headache. Have some food if hungry (staying hungry for a long time can cause headache too!) drink some water (dehydration is also one of the causes of headache!), apply the ginger/sandalwood paste as mentioned earlier and sleep. When you wake, you will be much more relaxed and will definitely feel better.

Proper rest