Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Pain

Muscle pains are of two types. The first type of muscle ache is caused due to over exertion or overdoing some physical activity. Referred to as the delayed-onset muscle soreness in medical terms, it usually typically starts to affect a day or two after undertaking the physical activity. The activities can range from gardening, to dancing, to running a marathon.

The second type of muscle pain is called cramps. They occur when a muscle suddenly contracts and refuses to relax. The pasts most prone to cramps are ankles, thighs and toes. The exact cause of it is unknown and they can strike at any time.

The soreness of muscles can result from any new activity. Say you are a frequent runner but have limited activity to strain your arms. In this case, carrying heavy bags or lifting heavy weights can cause the muscles in your arm to ache. Cramps however, are not the result of any particular activity. But wearing high heels or being in water for too long can sometimes cause cramps.

A quick way to manage soreness of muscles is the herbal massage. Add 15 ml of neutral oil to ginger or lavender and rub on your sore muscles. In case of cramps, it is best to relax and lightly massage the affected area. Warming up before exercises can help prevent muscle soreness.

Also stretching exercises done on a regular basis can help you avoid muscle pains. Drinking lots of water before, during and after the exercise also helps in relaxing the muscles.

A sufficient intake of calcium and magnesium can also help in preventing muscle soreness and cramps. Also including vitamin A in your diet on a daily basis can help in reducing muscle pains.

Pregnant women are more prone to muscle cramps and hence should take more precautions while exercising. The metabolic needs of the baby affect the levels of fluids in the body, which can cause cramps.