Weight And Muscle Mass Gain Naturally- Fitness Tips For Teens

No doubt, girls when enter into teenage become very conscious about their looks. Same is the case with boys too. It is the age when they would become conscious about their body build-up and would love to gain a few healthy kilos and some extra muscles to get noticed, especially by the opposite sex.

Fitness Tips For Teens

And if you are a teenager and want to get rid of your skinny build and look strong and impressive, then the below mentioned fitness tips would be of great help. These tips will help you gain weight and muscle mass naturally as well as lay a strong foundation for your future years.

Forms & Techniques Of Weight And Muscle Mass Gain

Teenage is the right time to start practicing forms and techniques of gain in weight and muscle mass through exercises. Whether they are body weight exercises or weight training, the muscle gain exercises should be done cautiously so as to avoid any serious injuries.

Since this is the starting phase of development for adulthood, a little bit of negligence may impede your muscle growth and any serious injury caused may adversely affect your look and health and its effects may persist for many years.

Thus, it becomes necessary to get instructions from professionals before starting any new exercise. Though various CDs and DVDs are available now-a-days, yet a trainer from a nearby gym is recommended as he or she would guide you better and would keep a check that you are doing the exercises in a right way.

Get Instructions


Start with lower weights and do as per your capacity. Always remember that weight lifting capacity increases steadily. Many folks may say that you are too young to do this or may advise you to take heavy weights. But you must always listen to the instructions of your trainer and consult him or her if you face any problem in conducting any kind of exercise.

Exercise tips

Attention To Whole Body And Not Just A Few Parts

It has been noticed that most of teenaged boys focus on their chests and biceps only. However, it is strongly advised to concentrate on the whole body and not just a few parts. A balanced body looks better.

Chest exercise


Teens are recommended to perform all-body workouts thrice a week. All the major muscles require some time for rest after the workouts. Thus, visit the gym every alternate day and get involved in all-body workout to gain more muscle mass. This will help you to develop a great physique, thus enabling you to be the envy of all.

Gain more muscles

Balanced Diet

It has been noticed that most of the teens pay much attention towards exercises and weights but overlook the diet. The truth is that a healthy and balanced diet is as important as weight lifting and exercises. You should always remember that in order to increase muscle mass, additional calories in the form of carbohydrates in addition to proteins are indispensable.

Eat balanced diet


Your daily diet should comprise of proteins (25%), carbohydrates (50%) and good fats (25%). You just need to be consistent to follow the above mentioned tips and rest assured that soon you will be recognized among your friends for your great physique.

Daily diet