Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Chances are, if you are like many women who have just given birth to a child, you are carrying more weight than you were before your pregnancy. Despite sometimes feeling tired (a common problem, especially immediately after birth and in the first month or so), it is important for you to take steps to reduce your weight and regain your strength and flexibility.

Get real

Do not expect rapid results like losing 20 lbs in two weeks. Set small goals, whether it is being able to do three sets of reps with 10 lbs or just losing 5 lbs on the scale. Write the goal down and put it up where you can see it, especially in places where you are likely to falter. Being able to see your goal every day will help you achieve it and then set a new one when you have reached it.

REWARD Yourself

Do something small that makes you feel good about yourself when you reach your goal. Get a manicure, a haircut, go for a spa treatment, buy some new clothes or just rent a movie that you love. Spend time with your partner, exchange massages or go out on a date together.

Make it fun

Exercise that is repetitive gets boring quickly. Change things around regularly. Work as hard as you can without injuring yourself. Have fun doing your exercise. For some extra fun, take in a dance class in addition to your usual exercise routine. Swimming is also an excellent exercise which works your legs, arms and bottom.

Social networking

Bring a friend along to keep you company and keep you accountable. Of course, it goes without saying that your friend needs to be as dedicated as you are – or more for this to be effective. Involve your family too. Take the kids to the park; roll and tumble, run and play. Try joining a weight loss group; this can be a great way to get support while you are working toward your goal. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.

Take out the trash

In your cupboards that is. Clear out the chips, chocolate, cookies and other things that you snack on when you are bored or desperate for a treat. Stock up on healthy foods that are tasty and fun. Try a new fruit or vegetable every week from the grocery store.

Spice it up

There is nothing worse than eating the same old grilled chicken breast with salad – change your cooking and eating habits. Explore new food styles; take cooking classes to help you learn how to prepare those new culinary tastes.