Weight Loss Does Not Always Mean Fat Loss – How Diet Effects Weight Loss

Losing body weight is generating lot of hype right now. A slim body with a perfectly curved waist is now in vogue.

Longing for the most craved body makes people madly rushing to the easily accessible alternative, gymnasium for bodybuilding. However, the excessive obsession of losing the weight makes people avoid the idea of losing their fat, which impedes the chances to get ripped.

Hardly a few of us know that the muscles you have worked for so hard are only displayed in a physique, which is fat free. Misinterpreting weight loss as fat loss, many people take up bodybuilding to lose weight fast.

The difference between the weight loss and fat loss lies in their respective processes. While weight loss can be simply accomplished by consuming lesser amount of calories from food that your body burns everyday, fat loss refers to the process of burning the amount of calories on a given period of time.

Thus, if your body can burn 1500 calories everyday, then intake of 1000 calories will easily reduce your weight. However, if the normal intake of 1000 calories does not include necessary nutrients, then the standard weight loss will come in the form of muscle tissue reduction. Also, you may put on some water weight and bone mass if you are consuming improper diet lacking vital nutrients.

Experts think that a balanced diet helps in a two-fold way- losing your weight as well as losing your fat. Let us consider an example to know how food affects the weight as well as fat losing process.

A lot of people keep on eating chocolate throughout the day, although in small quantity. Consuming in lesser quantity will definitely help in losing weight. But, nearly 50% of your weight loss will come from muscle tissue and bone tissue.

Since chocolate is not perfectly nutritious, it will have adverse effect on muscle and bone tissues. The result will be the reduction of muscle mass, flabby abdomen and crippled metabolism. No matter how hard your work out later, fat burning is hardly possible if you do not put a check on your “chocolate diet”.

A gymnasium trainer therefore asks you to follow a healthy diet chart. Poor nutrition cannot be complemented by effective workouts. A perfect weight loss program is a balanced version of healthy metabolism with effective cardiovascular workout that facilitates fat burning process.