Weight Loss With Aquatic Exercises

Aquatic exercises are the latest and one of the most popular ways adopted by many to reduce weight. The added benefit of aquatic exercises is the fun part associated with them. These exercises not only helps in reducing weight but also helps in toning of the muscles, rejuvenating the body and make the whole process enjoyable.

Aquatic exercises can be easily practiced in a pool, with the help of a professional trainer. In the pool the force of buoyancy keeps body floated and decreases the body weight to one-tenth; hence the chances of injuring the body are less.

These exercises increase the cardiovascular activity and enhance oxygen utilization by the body. The aquatic exercises does not focus on any one particular body part, rather it is a holistic approach affecting both upper and lower limbs. As there is a complete involvement of the body, it results in maximum weight loss. The activity enhances flexibility and endurance of muscles and can also be used for maintaining joint mobility. The exercises help in maintaining a good posture and can be used for balance training. You can improve your lung functioning by using aquatic exercises. They promote oxygen-rich blood flow to the lungs and decreases resting respiratory rate.

An additional benefit of pool exercises is that they can be enjoyed by individuals in any age group and you need not to be an apt swimmer to practice them.  Additionally, these exercises can be used for balance and gait training of patients suffering from neuromuscular problems.
The different types of aquatic exercises are swimming laps, frog exercise, and water walking, jogging, aerobics, yoga and marching. You can also use weights and floatation devices when practicing aquatic exercises.

However, there are certain points which should be considered before starting with aquatic exercises. The pool water should be changed regularly maintaining hygienic conditions. The use of aqua shoes and equipment increases the resistance and intensity of exercises. You should maintain a proper body posture to reap maximum benefits and for beginners it is best to exercise upper and lower limbs separately. You must ensure that the correct water level is maintained during the program.