What Are The Three Best Types Of Exercises For Weight Loss?

When we want to shed the fat in our bodies, we generally try to find the most suitable dietary plan to achieve our goal. As well as having a healthy diet, professionals claim that starting a training plan is of vital importance to help you to enhance your natural fat burning process and get faster results.

As we do research and take plenty of time to make up our minds as to which is the most appropriate plan to lose weight, you should do exactly the same for a fitness program. There is a key point to help you choose the best exercises to shed fat. The plan you go for should include three types of exercises.

Three best types of exercises

As stated above, the perfect training program should include three types of exercises, which when combined will give you the best results. If you find it hard to stick to the three of them, try at least to practice one of them, you will get good results as well.

The first type of exercise that should appear in your plan is aerobic workout. When some people hear the word aerobic, they start to shiver and almost immediately get the picture of people jumping up and down the place nonstop. That is a common misconception, but in fact, aerobic exercise is defined by the American College of Sports Medicine as any activity that uses large muscle groups, can be consistently maintained and is rhythmic in nature.

This type of workout makes use of oxygen in the metabolic process which means you will enhance your metabolism and therefore lose weight. Some aerobic exercises are swimming and cycling; even dancing can be an aerobic exercise.

Another type of exercise that should always be present in your fitness plan is weight training. This is a great complement for aerobic exercise because it helps you to build muscles. The idea behind strength exercises is that your muscles find resistance and burn a lot more calories, getting you on the right track to accomplish your ideal weight goal.

Some exercises that will help you strengthen your muscles include sit-ups, crunches and even walking with some weight bands on your ankles.

The third exercise you need is elasticity training. This is related to the ability of your muscles to stretch. When we spend long periods of time without exercising, our muscles will for sure become shorter and less flexible, thus affecting mobility.

The idea is to give your muscles the flexibility they have lost. Try to do yoga or tai chi and you will feel the benefits of the workout.

One thing you need to do, regardless of which type of exercise you go for, is to warm up before starting. Those 5 minutes of warming up will help you prevent any injuries.