What Exercises Burn Breast Fat

Many women suffer from back aches due to heavy breasts. But exercising can help burn the breast fat and tone the chest area giving you firmer and well defined breasts.

The best way to burn breast fat is to do push-ups regularly. You can do pushups anywhere and anytime. But make sure that you perform the pushups correctly otherwise they will not be very effective. Keep your back straight and the hands under your shoulders.

When you raise yourself up tuck your stomach muscles in. This will put pressure on your chest muscles. When you start perform this exercise three times a week with 30 reps each day. Continue this for a week and then increase the number of reps for the next week.

From the beginning of the third week perform pushups five times a day with 60 reps at least. Do chest curls. Invest in hand weights. Select the weights that you will be able to use. Do not go for heavy weights that will be difficult for you to lift and perform with. Spread a mat and lie down on your back. Bend your knees for balance.

Stretch your arms to your sides and hold the weights in your hands. Now slowly pull your hands inwards towards your chest as though hugging someone. Use your chest muscles to lift the weights instead of your biceps. Repeat the motion as many times as you want to and keep increasing the reps with time.

Fat reduction from the breast is not possible until you lose some fat from the body as well. Aerobic exercise is a great way of losing not only body fat but also reducing your breast size. Doing aerobic exercise will also help proportion out you body as the breast decreases in size.

You can choose from any form of aerobic exercise; cycling, running, rowing, skiing, swimming and even jogging. Spot reduction is not possible. To get rid of the fat from your breasts you will have to do an overall body workout as well.

Eating a less calorie diet will also help lose fat from the breasts. Breasts are largely made of fatty tissues. When you eat fewer calories and exercise more the body is forced to burn excess fat present in various parts of the body.