What is a Low Fat Diet Plan?

Fat has a very important role to play in our health. High fat intake is very dangerous for health and can create number of serious health issues.

If you are concerned about your health, you must start using food which is low in fats. According to a research, an average person in America should eat 30% less of calories from fat and in this amount; the unsaturated fat must be 10% less. So while buying food you must calculate the amount of unsaturated fats and saturated fats.

Benefits of Low Fat Diet:

There are number of benefits which are associated with the consumption of low fat foods. The use of low fat food means that you are consuming less number of calories and thus you are likely to maintain your body weight. Obesity is common among those who consume a high fat diet. This obesity is then related to other health issues like blood pressure, heart attacks and cancers. So by eating a low fat diet, you can surely avoid these health issues and maintain good health.

How to Avoid High Fats?

Following are some important tips which can help you reduce fat intake from your diet.

1. While cooking meat, you must get rid of the fat and grease which is attached with the meat and this will surely help you make the food low fat.

2. While buying meat, you must buy the meat which is lean and the chicken which does not contain skin as such meat contains almost 33% less amount of fats.

3. Prefer consuming more of the grain food as this food is fat free.

4. Before buying food from the food store, do not forget to read the label to know how much fat this food contains and buy the food with less fat.

5. Eat a combination diet to balance the amount of fat in the food. For example, if you are going to eat hamburger, then eat vegetables rather than French fries to balance the fat intake.

6. Eat beans as they contain fibers and proteins.

So you can eat a healthy and low fat diet by following these tips and this will help you maintain good health.

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