Women Have Diverse Heart Disease Symptoms Than Men

Heart disease is a serious and frequent killer of all the diseases. Heart attacks occur without warning and as such they lead to deaths or in some cases, leave a weak heart. Heart attacks are the most common cause of deaths that occurs around the world. However, the symptoms and consequences are different from men and women. Women experience different heart attack symptoms as compared to men.

The symptoms in women occur from around a month before the heart attack occurs. Unlike men, women do not often face ‘chest pain’ . Only about 30% of women in comparison to men face chest pain before their heat attack. Women symptoms are mostly avoided or missed because of its difference.

However, the most common symptom of heart attack in women is unusual fatigue which leads to severe tiredness, shortness of breath or disturbed sleep. Often women may wake yup from their sleep or amidst their work feel breathlessness or short breaths before the onset of the heart attack. Out of these, unusual fatigue accounts for almost 70% of the symptoms in women.

These symptoms are frequently wrongly diagnosed as gastric problems due to its diversity. The frequency of occurrence in the symptoms also varies from men. Heart attacks in women are not predictable due to their symptoms. Generally, women who sometimes face short breath can believe it to be a case of gastric, which actually in turn may be an early sign of heart attack.

Due to this, many symptoms are ruled out as minor other problems and hence the actual heart attack could not be predicted. Apart from these, there are some other symptoms like easily tiredness, loss of consciousness or chest discomfort that radiates towards the arm and neck which leads gradually towards heart attack. Few women who have menopause also suffer from heart attack. Women who smoke are more likely to have heart attack more than other women.

Apart from that, women with families with a history of heart disease as well as with high cholesterol and diabetes are more likely to suffer from heart attack.Symptoms like these should not be avoided for minor ailments, rather should be carefully treated as they may lead to a hidden more severe disease. So the next time you suffer from breathlessness, don’t avoid it! Go to a doctor to check for any underlying serious disease or heart attack!