Workout With An Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are a fun and easy way to workout.  It provides a very refreshing change from the normal workout routine. Exercise balls are large vinyl balls which also go by the names of balance balls and stability balls.

The exercise balls can be used for improving your balance and flexibility as well as for providing a complete workout to almost all the muscles in the body. The strengthening of the core or abdominal muscles can be effectively brought about by working out with an exercise ball.

The unstable surface of the ball constantly engages the muscles of the body during a workout. This in turn helps to improve the muscle strength and flexibility. Here the muscles experience a higher level of exertion than they usually do while exercising on a hard and stable surface.

You can start off your exercises by sitting on the exercise ball while working on your computer or while watching TV. You can also try bouncing on your exercise ball while sitting on it. The bouncing exercise is sure to make you feel energized along with helping you in stretching your muscles.

You can exercise your arms by doing the ball press, where your lift the ball overhead with straight arms and repeat the process several times. You can also exercise your legs by doing squats.

With your legs placed apart, place the ball between your lower back and the wall .Lower your body into a squat, pressing the ball against the wall. Repeat this exercise several times for toning and strengthening the leg muscles.

Crunches can be performed on the exercise ball. It is important that the ball shouldn’t move out of its position while performing the crunches. Position the ball at your back and lie on the ball.

You can keep your hands at the back of your head or in a folded position on your chest. Pull your torso upwards while crunching your abdomen without allowing the ball to move. This abdominal crunch is seen to be more effective than the normal ones done on a stable surface.

When you start training with the exercise ball for the very first time, do it under the guidance of a professional instructor for better results.

Experiment with different kinds of exercises on a workout ball and you can see a very big improvement in your health and fitness.