Workout Your Arms To Bring Them In Shape

In the decade that just passed by, we all have gained at least some consciousness towards fitness. People are trying to learn more techniques to stay healthy and to keep their bodies in shape.

Those who were completely out of shape, tried to lose few pounds at least.  Similar is the case with women. Now they are no longer the housekeepers who keep on increasing their waist size, but women who are smart-homemakers.

Today, we’ll talk about the part of the body which clearly reflects the age of the women if not taken care of. Those are the arms. Arm’s skin gets loosened in women with time as the muscles goes week and fats accumulate on them. We’ll be sharing few arm workout techniques which will help women to tone their arms.

There’s a rule before you tone your arm muscles, which is you need a regime for weight loss. The toning will not take place until the fats are removed from above the muscles. Hence, a little exercise is needed for overall weight loss, which will help reducing fats on the muscles. The exercises explained will be simple and easier to follow by women.

Place two chairs, which can bear some weight and place them at small distance apart. Now place a rod on the two chairs. Lie down below in between the chairs and hold the rod with both the hands at shoulder-apart distance. With feet flat on the ground, knees bent and straight back, lift yourself up slowly and go back slowly. This exercise is primarily used for the back but it also gives tremendous effect on the biceps.

Another effective exercise for arm workout is the regular push-ups. The beginners may start with the push-ups on the knees. This is quite an easy and effective exercise to tone up muscles. Bar-bell bicep curl is another exercise which is easy to perform.

Stand straight with the feet shoulder width apart. Lift up your chest straight so that it raises above your shoulders with back straight. Curl the bar-bell upto just above the pectoral muscles and slowly come back. Make sure that the elbows do not bend during the exercise.

Exercising on the whole body is better than exercising on single part as it helps to tone up overall body. Women should add these exercises in their daily routine so that they may be able to keep fit and stay healthy.