Yoga For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems today with people of all age group. Although there are medicinal and surgical treatments for chronic back pain, many people find yoga the best solution to get rid of back pain and also prevent the occurrence of it.

Yoga postures are therapeutic and provide strength and flexibility to the body. The postures can be tough but very relaxing for the mental, spiritual and physical well being.

First and foremost, find an expert yoga trainer or instructor to guide you through the difficult postures. All the poses should be done on a comfortable and soft yoga mats. One must emphasize on wearing proper and comfortable yoga attire while performing the exercises. In case of any illness, yogic exercises should be clearly avoided.

It is important to choose an exercise program which is not intense. Initially try just one or two repetitions for each posture and then increase the intensity of stretches to prevent any strain on the spine. Slowly increase the intensity and repetitions of the postures and exercises. This helps in increasing the efficiency of yoga postures.

Not all Yoga postures help in back pain relief. Infact some postures aggravate the back pain. Proper guidance and instructions are hence necessary before starting any exercise program. A few good and helpful postures are Corpse pose(Shavasana), Snake pose(Bhujangasana), Wind releasing pose(Vayu muktasana), Fish pose and a few others. These asanas if performed regularly, at ease and your own comfort level, provide good results and reduce backaches.

One must also remember that yoga is not a quick fix solution for relieving or curing back pain. The results come slowly but are excellent. It is necessary to focus on the breathing pattern. Also the yoga movements should be slow and smooth and not at all sudden and jerky. Some postures have a negative effect on the body if done incorrectly.

Yoga benefits are uncountable. Yoga postures help practice a drug-free therapy to cure back pains. Yogic exercises are particularly helpful in strengthening and stretching the back and abdominal muscles resulting in the flexibility and suppleness of the muscles. It also helps in proper circulation of blood in the body and preventing chronic aches and muscular spasms.

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