Yoga For Beginners : Important Tips

Yoga is an excellent form of physical exercise that teaches integration of mind, body and spirit. The best thing about yoga is that anybody can take up yoga at any point of time in his or her life. The only condition is that one should proceed gradually and in a planned manner. Here are a few tips for people who have just initialized themselves into yoga or are thinking to do so:

How to start:

The first and the most important aspect of Yoga is the correct breathing during the postures. Both inhalation and exhalation done while holding the Yoga postures is vital.

Control of breath is the real essence of yoga. Yoga breathing should be slow and deep and through nostrils and not through mouth. It is advisable to start and end your yoga session with a brief ten minutes meditation to keep you focused. Also, a yoga class should begin with a warming up session and end with a relaxation posture.

Where to learn:

It is extremely important to find good yoga classes or a trained teacher with an expertise on the subject. Only a good trainer can help you reap the benefits of yoga in a short period of time.

A good yoga teacher ensures that you do all the postures correctly and can properly explain the benefits and importance of each posture. If it is not possible for you to find a teacher, go for some good quality yoga DVDs and videos. Make sure the videos are well illustrated and have all the right asana done in a correct manner.

What you need:

Unlike a gym workout, you don’t need any special equipment for yoga. First and foremost is the clothing you put on for yoga. Yoga clothes should be fit to your body but comfortable and stretchable.

Lose fitting clothes are not recommendable for the asana. The point is the clothes should not come in the way of your postures. Next you need a good yoga mat for performing the asana. The mat provides a non slippery surface especially for the balancing postures

What not to do:

If you are going through an illness or a critical medical condition, it is advisable to consult a doctor before practicing yoga. Also, one should not perform yoga right after the meals. There should be a gap for at least 70 minutes between a meal and a yoga session.

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