Yoga For Health And Fitness


Yoga is a form of exercise, the origin of which can be traced back to ancient India. Now yoga is widely practiced all over the world. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union or joining. In yoga, along with various physical postures, breathing techniques are also practiced.Thus a union of both physical and mental well being can be achieved through yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga postures helps in increasing blood flow throughout the body. This helps in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, and helps to keep tab of conditions like varying blood pressure and hypertension. The increased blood flow also helps in the strengthening of muscles of the body and also helps to prevent the advent of headaches. Yoga also prepares the body against the attack of auto immune diseases. Yoga postures helps in increasing the flexibility of the body and helps in the strengthening of muscles and joints. It also helps to cure many diseases like asthma and varicose vein. Yoga is highly recommended for people suffering from stiff joints and arthritis. Also women who are nearing menopause are advised to practice yoga as it will help them to get over the menopause phase without any physical or emotional problems.

Yoga is an excellent method of weight loss. Power yoga is a type of yoga which helps in the quick burning of fat and losing of calories. It helps in increasing the general stamina of the human body. Conditions like insomnia and depression can be cured by the daily practice of yoga. It also helps in increasing the concentration and is an excellent energy booster

Practicing Yoga

Choose a calm and quiet environment for practicing yoga. Yoga can be done on a yoga mat, to ensure safety and comfort .Loose fitting and comfortable clothes should be worn. All yoga postures may not be suitable for everyone due to certain medical conditions or conditions like pregnancy. It is always better to practice yoga under the supervision of an instructor who will be able to guide you properly taking into consideration your medical condition and age.

Yoga is proven to be a very effective method to achieve a condition of both mental and physical well being. Practice yoga daily and it will turn out to be one of the most wonderful and fruitful experiences of your life.


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