Yoga For Pregnant Mothers

Pregnancy is the most cherished moment in the life of any woman. While there are several other factors to be considered, health is extremely important and should not be overlooked. The changes that occur in our body during this stage often leads to stress and other problems that are related to body weight gain.

Yoga for pregnant mothers is extremely essential as it helps reduce the stress and tension related to pregnancy and keeps you healthy. Following are some points that will help you understand pregnancy and yoga.

Consult a Doctor before starting Yoga

While yoga during pregnancy is not really harmful, it may not suit some pregnant women. Therefore, before embarking on any yoga exercise, consult your doctor regarding the safeguards you should consider. Yoga for pregnant mothers is extremely useful but should always be done in the presence of an instructor.

Points to keep in mind

It is important never to overdo any kind of exercise, especially when you are pregnant. Never continue with the yoga exercises that cause nausea or pain in any part of the body. If you experience any kind of pain or nausea, stop immediately and consult a doctor before continuing.

Whilst yoga for pregnant mothers helps during delivery by stretching the required muscles and ligaments, care should be taken not to over stretch them or stress them, as this could lead to problems of their own. While the ligaments should become loose and stretched, the abdomen should remain relaxed at all times.

When performing exercises on your heels, make sure you have a chair in front of you that you can hold onto, in case you lose balance. Breathing is an excellent form of relaxation, which also ensures sufficient intake of oxygen for you as well as the baby.

Some Common Exercises

Yoga for pregnant mothers can include the Mountain pose, Triangle pose, Warrior pose, Hero pose, Cat pose, tree pose amongst others. However, it is important to remember that it is not necessary to perform all poses but only those that you are comfortable with. Always keep the limitations of your body in mind before you embark on yoga during pregnancy.

Do remember that certain poses are meant only for the first trimester while others can be followed through till the end. Therefore, when practicing yoga for pregnant mothers, having an instructor is extremely important.

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