Yoga In Pregnancy


A sedentary lifestyle might increase your pregnancy woes. To prevent complications, a pregnant woman should carefully choose her workout schedule. Yoga could resolve several problems encountered by a woman during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Yoga In Pregnancy

The yoga postures could facilitate problem free pregnancy. It could prevent fluid retention and abdominal cramping that usually occur during the last phase of pregnancy. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the deep breathing exercises associated with the yoga poses could reduce nausea and morning sickness.

Deep breathing or Pranayama could heal depression and mood swings associated with pregnancy. Specific yoga workouts could improve appetite, heal heartburn and ease bowel movement during pregnancy. Yoga could even ease the delivery process. The breathing exercises help to release stress that occurs during childbirth.

Different Types Of Yoga Workouts During Pregnancy

Half Butterfly

From the first trimester of pregnancy, a pregnant woman should start practicing the half butterfly exercise or the ‘ardha titali asan’. In this yoga pose, sit and stretch your left leg and bend the right leg and place the right foot on the left thigh. This exercise eases labor and ensures smooth delivery by releasing tension from the hip and knee joints.

Full Butterfly

Full butterfly or the ‘poorna titali asan’ strengthens the thigh muscles. Sit and stretch your legs. Now bend both the legs, so that the soles of both the feet touch each other. While sitting in this position gently move your knees up and down.

Cat Stretch Pose

The cat stretch pose or the ‘marjari asan’ is beneficial for the reproductive system of a woman. To do this exercise, first sit with your buttocks on your heels. Now gradually lift your buttock and stand on your knees. Place your palms on the floor. Raise your head and inhale, so that your spine becomes concave. Now lower your head and exhale, so that your spine moves upwards. This yoga pose is safe only during the early phase of pregnancy.

Palm Tree Pose

The palm tree pose or ‘tadasan’ helps to balance the mind and body of a pregnant woman. To do this exercise, stand straight with the feet together. Now lift your hands over your head. Interlock your fingers and turn the palm upwards. Raise your heels while inhaling and lower the heel while exhaling.


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