Yoga Postures While Watching T.V. Or At Work Place

While watching television or while at our work place we spend several hours sitting at one place. This makes our muscles stiff, neck pain and several other problems like blocking of blood circulation. Practising a sedentary life style is as harmful as smoking. So why not try simple yoga postures while watching television, during advertisement breaks to relax all the muscles and distress ourselves.

Yoga Postures While Watching T.V

These yoga postures can be done in just five minutes and they help in easing stiffness, make blood circulation proper and relax the neck muscles too. The best part is that these postures do not require any kind of warm ups or bending and turnings on mat as regular extreme yoga poses.

Moreover sitting for too long causes stiffness in body and the neck bears the brunt , these simple yoga postures help in relaxing all the muscles from neck to the legs , distress your body to prepare you for a good night sleep after watching T.V. and they also teach us the correct posture to sit and improve our breathing also.


This posture can be done sitting or standing. First inhale and then exhale. Move your right ear towards your right shoulder. Inhale and then gently straighten your head. Keep your head straight and do not do it with force and while tilting your head try to reach as far as possible. You can do it with normal breathing or for good focus you can do inhaling and exhaling. Do it three times and then do for left side in the same way.


Neck roll teaches you the correct posture for neck while watching television and improves blood circulation as most of the arteries pass through neck. It prevents stiff neck and controls all neck related pains.

Skanda chakra


This pose can be done sitting on chair and with normal breathing. Raise your right leg and stretch it in front of you till your sitting level. Pull your toes inwards, pushing the foot outwards. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Bring back your foot to the ground. Repeat three times and now do it with left leg in the same way.


It tones your legs and improves blood circulation in the legs and to the brain. It also relaxes leg muscles.

Leg stretch pose


This asana can be don sitting or standing position. Bring your palms in NAMASTE pose or join your palms together. Stretch your arms over head as far as you can and inhale.

While stretching raise your head and try looking at your palms and exhale.  In the final pose breathe normally and stay in this pose for few seconds. Inhale and while dropping your hands back exhale. Repeat few times.


This pose helps in relaxing spine, and eases digestion, prevents any kind of ailments and heals you by reducing tension. If done standing it stretches the whole body. By doing these poses you can relax your body anytime and anywhere.

Palm tree pose