Yoga The Best Fitness Regime For Everyone

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has been practised in India for a quite long time and it is no more restricted by boundaries and it is becoming the best exercising regime which not only has health benefits but also has some good psychological, physical and physiological benefits. Rather it is very difficult to summarise the benefits associated with Yoga.

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a therapeutic form of exercise which units and balances your body mind and soul. So let us throw this myth out of our minds that yoga is just meant for old and ailing people or people who have joined Baba Ramdev’s camp for yoga. It is meant for each and every age group and for every kind of people fit and unfit both. So let us check out what all benefits are associated with this ancient breathing, meditation and stretching technique.

Health Benefits Of Yoga Improves Flexibility

Yoga improves the flexibility of our body at any age. The poses and the various asana done in yoga make our body very flexible with time. When we practice various yoga asana the muscles and the joints stretch and produce lactic acid which increases the muscle build up and increases the lubrication between our joints.

It is not just the muscles which become flexible but the ligaments, tendons and the facia sheath also becomes flexible and the results of yoga flexibility can be noticed over a short period of say 8-10 weeks only.

Yoga benefits

Improves Respiratory System

Various Breathing exercises involved during yoga help in making our respiratory system strong and the lungs get more oxygen and their capacity to inhale also improves. Thus it is very beneficial for athletes to improve their endurance level.

The various breathing exercises involved in yoga mainly focus on deep and rhythmic breathing which helps in the same way as the fight or flight response due to adrenaline in our body. Thus helps in controlled and natural breathing. This effective breathing technique has helped many asthma patients in improved breathing and their tendency of asthma attacks has reduced if they practice yoga regularly.

Breathing exercise

Develops Concentration Level Of Mind

Mind is the most important organ which controls the whole body and it needs to be least stressed and focused all the time to improve our body’s fitness. It improves the concentration level of our brain because the breathing involved during yoga exercises make sour mind work well. Most of the people who practice yoga will always say that they feel focussed and relaxed due to yoga.

Concentration level

Reduces The Stress Level

It is found in a research that women or any age group who practice yoga show positive signs of stress relief by practising Hatha yoga, because during the yoga practise some stress relieving hormones are secreted which help in curing common ailments like headaches and depression etc. It relaxes both mind and the body thus reducing chronic stress in our body.

Yoga Reduces The Stress

Benefits For All Ages

Yoga is not meant for any specific age group rather it can be practised by each and every one to improve your strength and concentration level. In kids yoga exercises if practised improves their coordination skills and boosts their memory too.

While in teenagers yoga keeps they look in perfect shape with beautiful skin and it also helps in increasing their will power to succumb to bad habits like drugs, smoking etc. If teenagers practice yoga their body will remain flexible for years together. In old people yoga gives them strength to fight various serious ailments which come with age.

Arthritis or heart diseases, diabetes can be easily cured in old people by doing some asana. In pregnant mothers yoga is beneficial for both the mother and the baby and helps in pain free labour and stress free delivery. Meditation is the best form of yoga which helps pregnant mothers a lot by improving their concentration and relieving stress.


Improves Body Posture

All the stretching and bending done during yoga poses are very helpful in improving our posture. Generally we never realise that we are slouching while watching TV or not standing straight while talking, but once you start practising yoga you will automatically start realising that your body posture is wrong. These poses improve the inner core strength of our body thus making us more self conscious to keep a check on our selves while sitting or slumping.

Improves Body Posture

Helps In Weight Loss

Middle aged women generally face the severe problem of weight gain and during this time it is difficult for them to run or do aerobics as there might be many joint problems and menopause is also about to arrive , so all these things take a toll on their body.

Here yoga is very beneficial for them to maintain their weight and fight the stress and hormonal balance stress freely with the help of yoga asana. Hatha yoga helps in keeping your mind quiet and makes you feel relaxed, healthy and happy.

Hatha yoga

Helps Cancer Survivors

All those people who have been able to fight and recover from cancer are suggested to practice yoga as it helps in improving the immunity system thus fighting any further growth of cancerous cells in their body. Hatha yoga along with breathing exercises is very helpful in improving their sleeping time and reduces fatigue levels too.

Helps Cancer Survivors

Increases Strength Of body

Power yoga and various other asana done in yoga improve the muscle tone very well thus making our body fit and strong. Even if we do balancing poses they also help in improving our body muscle tone thus making us stronger and increase our resistance power too. Poses like Chair pose, Upward Dog Pose and standing poses help in strengthening your lower back, calf muscles and tones your body specially the abdominal area.

Increases Strength Of body

Fights Many Common Ailments

Many problems like joint pains headaches, arthritis and common allergies and cold etc are some common diseases which are easily cured with regular yoga practise. Just try doing breathing and stretching perfectly and you will find that most of your respiratory ailments are gone.

Many diseases like insomnia and multiple sclerosis are being researches and cured with the help of yoga these days and scientists are trying to find the best application of yoga to make our body fit and strong. It also improves blood circulation in our body thus helping in making our heart strong and reducing the risk of heart failure or stroke.

Fights common ailments