Your Personal Acne Treamtment Plan

So you have been bothered with unsightly eruptions and have tried everything possible but to no avail.

It is time you took stock of your condition with a  holistic approach in which you do not just concentrate on the cleaning your face and the application of various anti-acne medication but on treating the condition from inside out with proper diet, sleep, exercise and relaxation.

Here are guidelines to help you:

The Diet

Cut down on your sugar intake. Take only honey and molasses as sweeteners. If you must, then go for brown sugar.

Do not take any overly ripe fruit. Also, stay away from oranges.

Cut down on wheat and wheat based products. Include oats and barley instead.

Take pro-biotic curd made of sheep’s or goat’s milk. Do not take products made of cow’s milk.

Stay away from all kinds of saturated fat. Instead, use mustard and olive oil for cooking. Besides, steer clear of all processed food, packaged meals. Eat only fresh and organic.

Take a teaspoon each of flax seed and sunflower seeds every day. Also, take a handful of nuts and raisins every day.

Use a lot of garlic in your food. It is a powerful natural antibiotic. Moreover,  ask your doctor to prescribe Vitamin A capsules. It has been proven highly effective in countering acne.

Cleansing the Skin

Keep your skin clean at all times. Wash your face four to five times a day with a salicylic acid based soap.

Face pack and essential oil – Every night apply a paste of fresh sandalwood paste to which a few drops of tea tree oil has been added. Alternatively, you can also use a paste made out of nutmeg. Ayurveda recognizes the antibiotic properties of nutmeg and its affect on acne.

You can also make a skin toner by adding a few drops of clove oil to distilled water and wipe your skin several times a day with it.

Other recommendations

Take bath with neem water twice a day. It has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Also, exercise every day. Believe it or not, it helps a lot in clearing acne. Go for yoga and meditation.

Acne has a very close relation with stress. So develop a positive attitude and manage stress effectively. Also, sleep and wake up in time.

Maintain good hygiene. Change your bed sheets and pillow case regularly. Avoid the compulsive habit of constantly touching your face. Do not burst or squeeze the acne. It would only spread the infection. Moreover, keep the use of make up to a minimum, if at all.

Do all this religiously and you would see a difference in your skin in no time.