Foods That Cause Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Are you suffering from short term memory loss? If yes, then you must be of the opinion that this is due to aging. Although you are right in thinking so, you need to be aware of the fact that there are several memory loss causes apart from aging. As per the experts, the short term memory loss is also visible among the young adults. So, what are the memory loss causes for them? One of the causal factors is the improper eating habits, a widespread factor in such adults. Researchers associate this short term memory loss to brain inflammation that can be mainly due to poor or wrong dietary habits. Therefore, let us check out the foods that exist in form of memory loss causes.

Milk-Based Foods Cause Memory Loss

Milk-Based Foods

Experts have claimed that saturated fats and cholesterol are the major memory loss causes. Therefore, one must avoid having too much of cream, yoghurt, whole milk, butter, and cheese. A whole milk cup has 24mg of cholesterol and 5g of saturated fat, while the same amount of skim milk contains only 5mg of cholesterol. According to the Medical University of South Carolina and Arizona State University, a high-cholesterol and high-saturated fat diet results in short term memory loss.

Soy Causes Memory Loss


Of late, it has been found that having too many products of soy such as tofu can raise the short term memory loss risk. However, there is no harm in consuming soy in limited amounts, as it is an alternative protein source for the vegetarians. The problem only arises in case of high quantity intake, as the phytoestrogens can lead to dementia.

Sugary Foods Cause Memory Loss

Sugary Foods

It is vital to know that hypoglycemia results in short term memory loss, while hyperglycemia can damage brain cells. Experts mostly recommend taking less sugar due to which artificial sweeteners are given more preference. Clinically, an instant metabolism of refined white sugar or white flour takes place in the body leading to erratic hike and drops in the levels of blood sugar. Therefore, people are advised to go for a healthier alternative such as fruits and vegetables having fiber carbohydrates that elevates the level of blood glucose gradually.

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Non-Organic Foods Cause Memory Loss

Non-Organic Foods

Foods polluted with insecticides or pesticides are one of the primary memory loss causes. The toxic chemicals badly influence the nerves, which results in short term memory loss and brain damage. Experts explain that these chemicals destroy the mitochondria in cells as well as the production of adenosine triphosphate, a chief source of energy for cognition.

Poultry Foods Cause Memory Loss

Poultry Foods

This list includes those meats that tend to have higher saturated fats, one of the memory loss causes. Beef flank steak, boneless pork chops, dark meat chicken, and skinless thigh servings have higher saturated fats. In addition, all types of animal foods have adequate cholesterol to affect the brain.

Food Preservatives Cause Memory Loss

Food Preservatives

One of the hidden short term memory loss causes is artificial flavors whose chemicals tend to gather in the body causing brain damage. Even colors and additives affect the brain in the same way. Therefore, you need to at least stay away from the foods whose labels say enriched flavors, as per the experts.

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