Four Medicinal Values Of Pumpkin

The origin of pumpkin takes back to the Greek word Pepon, which means large melon. The French people adopted later this word to pompon and finally American colonists changed that word to pumpkin which we commonly term as today. Pumpkin is a warm weather crop and is mostly planted in the month of July every year.A typical pumpkin has a orange or yellow color thick shell that is creased from stem to the bottom, having many seeds and pulp.

Medicinal Values Of Pumpkin

All parts of the pumpkin are edible and versatile in their uses to humanity at large. Most people do add the fleshy shells, seeds, leaves and flowers of pumpkin in their diet, of course for the taste and nutritional supplements of pumpkin.Pumpkins when become ripe find many utilities for people of different cultures. However, the common uses of pumpkin are found in preparing soups, purees and sweets. Pumpkin is known for its multi utilities even as an ingredient for medicines and beauty creams.

The ultimate attraction of ripe pumpkin is Halloween, the glittering candle of which looks much elegant in the orange shade of pumpkin when cut in to equal parts.Let we know about the key medicinal applications of pumpkin, so that we ensure to add pumpkin in our diet regularly or at least very often.

Protects Us From Various Ailments:

Human body is a composition of a minimum of thousands of parts and the improper functioning of any minor part gives major complications to us. The most common problems like inflammation in kidneys, intestinal parasites, problems with prostate and irritation in the bladder can be treated with the use of pumpkin. If you have dizziness very often, eating pumpkin seeds dried in the hot sun and roasted can show positive results in overcoming dizziness. Pumpkin does have its real time proven results for treating measles, skin diseases, tumors in the body, urinary ailments and pregnancy complications.

Protects Us From Various Ailment

Rich In Antioxidants And Beta Carotene:

The antioxidants and beta carotene present in pumpkin catalyses regeneration process and helps in slowing down the process of aging for both men and women. The advantage of beta carotene lies in its ability to convert itself in to vitamin A when taken by us. Many heart disease can also be cured with the antioxidants present in pumpkin.

Rich In Antioxidants And Beta Carotene

Energy Source:

The pulp of pumpkin contains vitamins A, E and C which obviously provide us with perfect vision and develops the immunity system in the human body. The minerals, salts and carbohydrates present in pumpkin can be the instant energy providers. Pumpkin seeds do their best job of purifying the blood vessels, controlling cholesterol, removing intestinal parasites and stimulating the activities of kidneys.

Energy Source

Applications Of Pumpkin Juice:

For those having problems with acidity and ulcer, pumpkin juice is the best medicine. It is recommended to take pumpkin juice three times a day at least half an hour before your meals. Another vital remedy with pumpkin juice is that of reducing insomnia and vascular diseases. If pumpkin juice is applied on burns, the skin becomes softer thus not deteriorating the burns.
Mix 10 grams of pumpkin juice with 250 grams of boiled and cooled milk.  Take this mixture every day, to make your body physically healthy. 10 grams of pumpkin juice mixed with two spoons of honey is recommended  for melting the stones in gall bladder.

Pumpkin Juice

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