Gonorrhea Herbal Treatments

If diagnosed with gonorrhea it is important to stop having sex with other people until the disease has been cured. The disease is easily spread from an infected person to another person through sexual activities. While most people might think that oral sex would be a safe alternative to intercourse, the disease can still be transmitted. You should also notify anyone that you engaged in sex with prior to learning you had the disease so that they can seek treatment as well.

Gonorrhea cures

While gonorrhea is typically treated with an antibacterial antibiotic prescription, there are a few herbal treatments that can aid is recovery from the infection. You can use these in conjunction with your prescription. These herbal treatments alone will not fully eliminate the bacteria from the body so you should finish all prescriptions as your medical provider indicates.

One herb that can be used to help treat gonorrhea is goldenseal. This herb is available as a tablet supplement, cream, or liquid. You can obtain goldenseal from most health food stores and some whole food stores. The tablet supplement can be taken a few times a day. The cream can be used externally on infected areas of the skin. You can add about five drops of the liquid to a hot herbal tea. You can drink this tea mixture several times a day. Goldenseal is an antibacterial and helps the body to fight of infections caused by bacteria, like gonorrhea.

Another herb that can be used to treat the bacteria is sarsaparilla. Sarsaparilla is used to flavor root beer, but the natural form of this herb can be used for medicinal benefits. You can obtain sarsaparilla roots, tablet supplements or as a liquid. It can be found at health food and whole food stores. Supplements should be taken two to three times a day. The roots can be ground up and added to beverages, such as water, juices and herbal teas. Liquid sarsaparilla is also added to beverages. You should drink beverages mixed with sarsaparilla at least three times a day. This herb works as an antioxidant and antibacterial to help the body fight off infections.