Guidelines For an Anemia Diet

What is anemia?

Anemia is the most common blood disorder. It is caused by an insufficient amount of red blood cells. Since hemoglobin, an iron-rich substance, is found in the red blood cells, there is a reduced amount of the substance as well. Hemoglobin is responsible for distributing oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues. Therefore, the body will not function properly.

What is an anemia diet?

An anemia diet is what you should be eating to treat and prevent anemia symptoms from forming.

What is included in an anemia diet?

Iron-rich foods are important to eat on an anemia diet. These foods include red meat, leafy greens, eggs, beans and legumes.

Are there any guidelines for an anemia diet?

Yes. Some foods are iron absorption enhancers and some are considered iron absorption inhibitors. They are both high in iron and could help increase the levels of iron in the body. If eaten by themselves they will all help treat and prevent the symptoms, however there are some you should not combine. You can eat iron absorption enhancers together or iron absorption inhibitors together, but your should not combine the two.

Why should you not combine the two?

If you combine the enhancers with the inhibitors it will stop the body from absorbing the iron and increasing the iron levels.

What are some iron absorption enhancers on the anemia diet?

Meat, fish and poultry all fall into this category. Pork, chicken and beef liver are great enhancers. They are all very high in iron and the body is able to absorb the iron directly into the blood stream. Oranges, strawberries, broccoli and tomatoes also fall into this category.

What are some iron absorption inhibitors on the anemia diet?

Spinach is a high iron food that falls into this category. In it’s own it will greatly help increase the iron levels in the body. Sweet potatoes, whole grains, bran and soy products are also included in this category.

Is there anything I should avoid on the anemia diet?

No, there is nothing that will negatively effect anemia symptoms or cause them to come back.

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