Hair Loss in Children

Hair Loss in Children

Hair loss in children is not as common as in adults, both males and females. Still there are many children all over the world who suffer from some kind of hair loss. It is very distressing condition for both parents and children alike. It is cosmetically embarrassing condition to loose hairs. One thing should be noted in the case of hair loss in children, hair loss is not due to nutritional deficiency or cold weather or poor scalp circulation or headbands.

You need to contact the physician to correctly diagnose the cause of hair loss, by physical examination and various tests.

Types of Hair loss in Children :


The most common form of hair loss in children is alopecia. It may be alopecia of any form. Positive fact about alopecia is that in more than 60% of cases of alopecia, children outgrow this problem without any treatment but complete reversal and restoration may take time, sometimes almost a year. But rests are not so lucky. They do not find any effective treatment and keep loosing hairs.

Alopecia is believed to be caused by auto immune disorder but what causes it, is still unknown. Alopecia Areata is most common form of alopecia seen in children. It is characterized by presence of oval or round bald patches.

There are some treatments available for re-growth of hairs but their side effects outweigh their benefits. In any case, alopecia is not a life-threatening condition. In rare severe cases, it can progress to alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis.

Tinea Capitis:

This is a fungal infection commonly found in small kids and school going children. This disease is not the result of unclean atmosphere. This infection affects the hair roots. To treat this, topical fungal medication is needed and also, doctor can recommend oral medication.

Trichotillomania :

It is the nervous habit of pulling hairs and child can pull hairs from eyebrow or eyelashes also. It can also lead to substantial hair loss. To treat this disorder, child should be treated for anxiety and nervousness.

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