Hair Removal for Sport Athletes

Hair removal for human beings has been practiced a long time. Whether the removal of hair is for cultural, religious, sexual or medical reasons there are various methods to remove that hair.

In the sports world there are athletes that practice hair removal. The removal of this hair is a fairly new practice. Years ago, male athletes competed with hairy bodies. Athletes, mostly male, have decided that by removing hair on their legs, chest, back and arms they will enhance their performance. Whether hair removal makes an athlete move faster or performs better or whether this athlete just looks better without a hairy body is still up for debate.

For a bodybuilder after working for months, even years, to have that chiseled body the last thing they want is to appear publically with a body covered in hair. The two major reasons for removal of hair of a bodybuilder are a hairless body shows the size and the shape of the muscles in competition. The second reason is for massage purposes. . Bodybuilders’ muscles tighten or get sore when they are working out. Massages are given to relieve this tightness. Pulling hairs through the massage oil is painful.

Swimmers feel hair can create friction in the water and slow them down, Competitive swimmers will do anything to gain precious nanoseconds, These few nanoseconds could mean the difference between winning or losing.

Cyclists perform hair removal on their legs before competition. Using various methods from waxing to creams all in order to get rid of unwanted hair. There is very little opinion in cycling if going hairless actually helps move faster.

Shaving is the most common method of hair removal. Shaving is also the most temporary method. A good alternative for hair removal is creams or sprays. Depending on the quality of the cream or spray that is purchased the process of removing hair occurs once a week. Waxing is painful and depending on the area could be time consuming. On the bright side, waxing usually lasts for around a month. For permanent removal there is electrolysis or laser removal. A procedure that kills hair follicles it is usually performed in a clinic-type setting.

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