Have Cherry Juice To Help Arthritis


It is a sad fact that more than half of the older people of above 60 are the victims of the unbearable inflammation due to arthritis. Such people can hardly endure any kind of arthritis surgery that is usually ruthless with its side effects. The same problem is also applicable to the arthritis medications such as NSAIDs. Therefore, a common tendency among them is to think that the symptoms of arthritis are not curable due to which it is now their fate. However, to all the grandpas and grandmas, I would request to think again because a solution always exists for a problem.

It might seem hard to imagine bidding a farewell to the arthritis symptoms at this age, but there is a possible, natural way to do so. This time, just try out the cherry juice for arthritis relief. People say that proper amount of liquids, as a part of the balanced diet, have the power to maintain good health even at the age of 70 or 80. According to the Prevention magazine, 85% of the arthritis patients of varying ages who had cherry juice twice a day and that too in two full glasses each time (meaning four glasses a day) witnessed considerable pain relief. Therefore, let the cherry juice be the new strategy for arthritis treatment.Now, are you eager to know more about it? Well, then do read the full article for your own health irrespective of your age…

Why Cherry Juice For Arthritis Is Effective

Experts claim that cherries in general tend to possess anthocyanins that are compounds offering the color such as red or purple. Typically, these chemicals have the power to act with the body enzymes that are proteins required for a biochemical effect. When preliminary research was carried out on the cherry juice for arthritis relief, the anthocyanins showed some tendency of obstructing these enzymes that are responsible for inflammation. In this way, cherry juice is quite effective to treat arthritis in the people of all ages.

Which Cherry Juices Are Beneficial For Arthritis

As per the presence of anthocyanins, almost all cherries are useful, but a few types of sour or Start cherries are most beneficial because of the highest levels of these compounds (26.5 grams) than any other fruits. Unlike citrus fruits that exacerbate the condition of osteoarthritis, sour or tart cherries improve the symptoms because of the concentrated anthocyanins. Therefore, it is advisable to have the tart cherry juice to treat arthritis.

Cherry Juice

A tart cherry juice is full of vitamin A that is present over 10 times more than in the sweet cherries, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidant compounds such as isoqueritrins, queritrins, and anthocyanins. Experts recommend having just two tablespoons or one ounce of concentrated tart cherry juice to experience relief.

How Tart Cherry Juices Work To Treat Arthritis

Most of the arthritis patients prefer the juice of Montmorency tart cherries that are rich in two vital antioxidants namely queritrin and isoqueritrin along with anthocyanin. Clinically, inflammation as well as pain in arthritis is due to the prostaglandin hormone that is associated with the two causal enzymes namely, Cox-1 and Cox-2. Now, the anthocyanins of the tart cherries impede these two enzymes, which results in alleviated joint pain as well as inflammation. In addition, anthocyanins can dissolve the uric acid crystals to alleviate the condition of gout arthritis.

According to the lab studies at the Michigan State University, the tart cherry compounds, as compared to aspirin, are 10 times more useful in decreasing inflammation and that too without any side effects. Even more surprising is the fact that the pain-blocking ability of anthocyanins is believed to be equivalent to that of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and naproxen.

Coming to queritrin and isoqueritrin, these substances clinically work as flavonoids as well as anti-inflammatory antioxidants. This means that they aid in discarding the harmful free radicals (one of the causes of arthritis), reducing the outcomes of general pressure and stress, decelerating the aging process in which the joint cartilage weakens badly (major reason of arthritis), and in hindering the natural formation of histamine and leukotrienes responsible for inflammation.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence

Yes! A study that was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology (September/October 2006) concluded that the anthocyanins in sour cherries played a major role in treating the arthritis related inflammation. Further, the researchers belonging to the Baylor Research Institute in 2007 disclosed that over 50 percent of the patients under observation after taking a tart cherry supplement for some 2 months experienced great relief in pain due to osteoarthritis.

Cherie Calborn, who is a specialized nutritionist, has found that people with rheumatoid arthritis should include anti-inflammatory juices in their diet every day. In addition, the clinical trials at the Michigan State University and National Food Safety and Toxicology Centre have confirmed the ability of anthocyanins in tart cherries to decelerate the pain.

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What Is The Suggested Dosage Of Tart Cherry Juice

If you are going with the Montmorency tart cherries, experts recommend consuming its concentrated juice daily in the dosage of two tablespoons, which is equal to having 60 cherries. However, the researchers are not sure about the precise dosage of tart cherry juice for everyone, as this might vary from one individual to another. However, in general, Herbs2000 claim having two tablespoon of juice daily, as this dosage has aided more number of people. Therefore, you need to consult your health care professional before you decide the dose.

Can I Have The Tart Cherry Juice In A Different Manner

Yes, you can do so, but only after asking your doctor. One of the famous ways to have a tart cherry juice for combating the symptoms of arthritis is to add it to a smoothie. Just take half a cup of cold tart cherries, a quarter part of banana, and a quarter cup of tart cherry juice. Blend them well and have it. You can even mix the concentrated juice with tea or water and have it anytime in the morning or afternoon. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to have concentrated tart cherry juice that is cheaply available, as compared to the fresh juice.

Can A Diabetic Person Have Tart Cherry Juice

Low-Glycemic Food

Yes, as tart cherries come under the category of low-glycemic food.

Are There Any Side Effects

Although research is going on in this area, Drugs.com has disclosed that anthocyanins in tart cherries have no major side effects. However, it has been found that sorbitol present in the juice can trigger the overgrowth of bacteria in your digestive system and interfere in the absorption of fructose. Therefore, as a warning, never substitute your ongoing treatment with the juice without the permission of your doctor.

Have Cherry Juice To Help Arthritis

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