Head Cold Cures using Honey and Citrus

Treating a head cold with over-the-counter medicines can cost a lot of money and can be quite expensive. Rather, there are less expensive natural cures available that do the exact same things as the expensive medications. These natural cures are often overlooked because people do not think about them when they are sick. People want a quick fix to get over their illness.

Head Cold

There is not a quick cure for the common head cold. The illness just has to run its course and let the body fight off the infection. However, using natural cures to help alleviate the symptoms is the best action. Citrus fruits and honey all have medicinal properties that can help relieve the symptoms associated with the condition.

Citrus fruits such as organs, lemons, limes, and grapefruit all contain vitamin C.  Naturally occurring vitamin C as found in citrus fruits can help shorten the length of time one is infected with a head cold. The citrus fruits can be peeled and eaten whole. Or they can be juiced and the juice drank. You can even add the juice to hot beverages such as tea. Both grapefruit and oranges contain medicinal properties that help to reduce fevers and headache tension. Lemon juice can be mixed with barley and hot water to create drink that works as a decongestant.

Citrus Fruits

When using honey to treat a head cold, you should use 100% pure honey. Depending on what type of plant the bees obtained the nectar from, honey comes in many different types. The more common types are clover honey and orange blossom honey. There are also eucalyptus honey and sage honey types available. All types of honey have properties to fight off illness and infection. However, these four types have added properties because of the nectar from the plants.

Honey helps to reduce soreness associated with sore throats. A tablespoon of honey can be taken directly. Or honey can be added to a warm beverage, such as hot tea and sipped. Most people will also add lemon juice to the tea to gain the benefits from both the citrus and the honey.


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