5 Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Egg White

Benefits And Side Effects Of Egg White

Benefits And Side Effects Of Egg White

The common name of albume or glaire or glare is egg white which is the clear part with liquid inside an egg and surrounding it. Egg white forms around unfertilized or fertilized egg yolk.The egg white begins as cytoplasm in an unicellular egg and can provide supplementary nutrition to the embryo that is in developing state, by protecting egg yolk. Embryo is rich in protein content and has almost zero fat in it.

Majority Of  Water By Weight

The main composition of egg white is made up of 10% of proteins that are dissolved in water. The weight of an egg white is nearly 66% of the total weight of egg out of the shell and approximately 92% of the weight is from water. The remaining weight of the egg white is comprised of proteins, minerals, glucose, fatty minerals and vitamins. Before, we had supplements of protein powders and protein shakes, the best staple for athletes, body builders and sports persons was the trust worthy egg. Anyways, a wealthy opportunity nowadays for all of us is the availability of proliferated egg protein powders.

Egg Protein Powder Vs Whole Egg White

Egg Protein Shake

The debate over the nutritious quality of egg white protein powders and liquid whole food egg is still an unresolved issue. For the lovers of egg white protein powders, the taste, ease and convenience of slamming down egg protein shakes every day and there by getting the similar quantity of muscle building protein is same as that can be obtained by eating a whole food egg. However, it all depends upon the life style and preferences of an individual to keep a balanced health.

Allergic Symptoms With Egg White

Egg Prevent Allergic Reaction

Even if egg white is crowned as a good source of low fat and high proteins, a small percent of people cannot eat it. The allergic reactions with egg white are much prevalent than those with egg yolk and these are most common among infants when compared to adults.

Boiled Egg White Is Better Than The Raw White In Liquid Form

Boiled Egg

The egg white must be cooked thoroughly in order to imbibe its full spectrum of amino acids and thus making it comfortably digestible. But, if you drink egg white in its raw form you are prone to barf and develop the risk of salmonellosis, which is an infection that can be acquired through salmonella bacteria. On the other hand, if you over cook egg, the full nutritional value of egg white protein will be ruined. So, always it is advisable to keep the temperature less than 150 degrees Fahrenheit while cooking.

Enriched With Multiple Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids And Proteins

Egg is rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B, riboflavin, folic acid and many other vital amino acids. All these are needed by the human body for getting optimal recovery from heavy muscle building exercises. The protein available in egg white is one of the most extraordinary foods that we have. When laboratory tests are to be done for dietary products, their quality of proteins is compared to the proteins in egg white. Egg whites do provide sulphur that produces amino acids whose role is crucial in the formation of anabolic hormone, which influences muscular growth in the human body.

Almost 90% of the egg white is water and constitutes 66% of the complete white of the egg. Apart from water, the rest of egg white is framed up of fats, glucose, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Egg white is absolutely loaded with rich proteins and zero cholesterol. A standard egg of large size will have 20 calories in its white and these are obtained from sodium, carbohydrates and proteins.

Nutritious Pack Of Egg

Egg For Metabolism

Yet another interesting point not to be left about egg white nutritional facts is that it has nearly 40 different varieties of proteins, each of which is highly beneficial to us and also a wide array of minerals like calcium, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorousand potassium. All these minerals are said to be necessary for a human body to have strong hair, bones, finger nails and teeth. Another big vitamin of egg white is known as ovalbumin and it plays a role in the metabolism of enzymes in the body and is a huge storage for proteins.

Side Effects With Over Consumption Of Egg White


If you consume egg white in over quantities, it can cause deficiency of the biotin, constipation, and release of much sulphur gas that may become problematic to the proper functioning of the body. While B12 is required by the body for the growth of the cells, folate is desired by the body to keep the health of your heart sound.


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