Amazing Health Benefits Of Caraway Herbs

One of the greatest facts about spices and herbs is that while all of them are essential to amazing cooking, they are very significant in their own way. Each of them carries a plethora of advantages to health and well being. And so, knowing their varied usage is helpful.

caraway benefits

Origins and Practices

One of these is the seeds of the caraway plant. Caraway seeds are seen as a special spice added to delicacies. It is used extensively in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. It is also known as Persian Cumin. In India and Pakistan it is called Shahi Zeera. It has a sharp and definite taste.

The seeds are used to add flavour to bread. In Europe, it is used extensively in soups, salads, meat, etc. Caraway is also utilized in different kinds of liquor. Its uses are not limited to cooking alone. Cheese is often enhanced with this spice, as is done in the Netherlands. It is often mistaken for Fennel Seeds, known as Saunf in India.

Varied Conditions and Usages

Caraway belongs to the botanical family of Apiaceae. It is a native of Western Asia and Northern Africa. This plant can be classified as a carminative. Carminatives can be defines as those plants that help in digestion and are especially useful for gastrointestinal infections. Both the oil and the fruit (often called the seeds) of this plant are highly valuable. The herb of caraway is capable of controlling and curing spasms that occur during bowel movements. It is also synonymous with gas related ailments.

The seeds can be chewed to give relief from hookworms that affect the stomach. Generally, caraway is a useful herb that fortifies the stomach walls and its related illnesses. Another way of using it is in tea. Brewing tea with the seeds, crushed, is a good remedy for indigestion. If it is gas that is troubling you, then you can use the oil put over a spoon of sugar. This is mainly practical for young children who dislike its smell and spiciness. It also functions as gripe water for babies. Giving young ones water in which these seeds have been soaked helps in dealing with colic and flatulence.

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This is because the oil of Caraway is termed as volatile. Its constituents like tannins, lipids, albuminoid substances, limonene so on and so forth make it easier to react with substances that it comes in contact with. It is able to stimulate the organs it gets in touch with. And so, if the stomach has an irregular function like indigestion, the oil helps in countering it. It also helps in bringing about sufficient secretion in the gastric cavity. It acts as an antiseptic substance for the intestines, apart from being a diuretic.  Caraway also has the ability to rouse appetite, owing to its effect on stomach secretions.


Its other benefits are to those who are prone to bouts of coughing. Caraway can be used to treat bronchitis and coughs linked to it. If you have a cold and running nose, caraway seeds and its oil are very helpful.  Sore throats can be soothed by drinking tea made with the seeds. Also, high temperatures can be helped with this herb. Caraway also is useful for those who suffer from gingivitis and consequently lessens bad breath. A mouth wash can be made by boiling the seeds in water. Regular usage will eventually lessen the infection.

Caraway is very good for the heart too. Just like the stomach, it provides support to the walls of the heart. It helps in maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol. Regular usage prevents hardening of the veins and arteries.


While it helps spasms in gastric and bowel movements, caraway also gives aid in muscle spasms. For those who are prone to muscle cramps and muscles aches, caraway oil will come in handy. In fact, caraway’s cure can be extended to all kinds of spasms. Breathlessness and difficulty in breathing will be aided by this plant.

Women can profit from caraway immensely. Those who tend to have irregular periods will find relief with caraway. Painful periods are also helped. Caraway has also been used to treat Post Menopause Syndrome. Lactating women will find that caraway is rather valuable to them. It increases the flow of milk as well the quality. Taken with honey, the oil of caraway ensures the mother and child are both kept away from indigestion and gas.

Caraway works great as a general health tonic. Making an infusion of it and drinking it regularly keeps the body fit and alert. Since it is known to stimulate muscles and the brain, it keeps one agile. It acts as an energizer and is known to reduce wrinkles, therefore aiding youthful skin.

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As seen, there is more than one way to use this herb and its products. Caraway seeds can be roasted and powdered. Mix this powder with honey to be used as a remedy against loss of appetite. This is particularly useful for young children. It can be used as digestive syrup too.

Caraway tea has proven to be the best way to use this herb. Boil water along with the seeds. For colds and coughs, this is ideal. If one is experiencing loss of appetite, this infusion must be drunk before meal times. Skin infections can also be alleviated with this decoction. Simply daub the affected area with the solution. This can be used to treat acne, allergic rashes, and the like.

If stress is leading to headaches, try using caraway oil. The essential oil derived from the seeds helps in improving blood circulation and calming nerves. A massage with this oil would prove useful. The oil can also be ingested directly. But this should be done in very small quantities. Caraway oil with a bit of salt is very valuable in treating indigestion.

Poultices can also be made with the seeds. Heat the seeds will on a griddle and place on a wad of cloth. Apply this to the stomach area. This will relieve the person of aches, indigestion, and flatulence.

Caraway tea

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.