8 Health Benefits Of Eating Apricots

It is a very less knowledge about the health benefits of fruits that majority of the people have got, though how long we may have discussed about them from the recent past.

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Health is wealth and wealth cannot be enjoyed without good health, is my favorite quotation, which should be also yours. In this section, I am bringing to you a brief about the health benefits of eating apricot which is a nature gift packed with elements of super health.

How Often Do You Eat Fruits

To keep your mind and body fresh and healthy, fruits are the best snack food for you.The varieties are many but the major question is how often and how much percentage of the population does really eat them. I believe my question does not need any answer in any format, but the reality can be understood by looking at the beds in hospitals being filled with patients suffering from popular and unpopular diseases.

Eat Apricots For Health And Taste

The plenty availability of vitamin A in apricots lowers the risk of developing cataracts by protecting your eyes from oxidative stress with free radicals which may ruin the blood pumping to the eyes. The cells and tissues present in the eyes are less exposed to mutagenic effects due to the quenching properties of vitamin A in combating against free radicals.


Beta Carotene And Lycopene For Eyes And Heart

A tasty and colorful fruit having innumerable nutrients that are essential for promoting better health is apricot. Apricots contain huge quantities of beta carotene and lycopene which are known for their antioxidant properties of maintaining good heart health and also for saving a human being from different types of cancers. Yet another important function of beta carotene and lycopene is that of lowering the risk of developing many cardio vascular diseases and also atherosclerosis.

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Dried Apricots Are Healthier Than Raw Ones

Apricots can be eaten either dried or raw or even cooked in hot water, else they can be also tried in the form of canned juice. However, when apricots are dried up, you are bound to receive much of the health benefits out of them. One point to be noted is that you must rinse off your teeth after eating dried apricots due to their sticky nature.

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Keeps Your Skin Less Prone To Diseases

Paste of apricot leaves when applied to the skin, the varied allergic reactions with scabies, eczema and other types of skin irritations due to sun heat, will reduce gradually.


Prevents Macular Degeneration

Many studies conducted with an objective to get an insight in to the effects of consumption of fruits and vegetables on the health of eyes, have found that the anti oxidants, multi vitamins and carotenoids present in apricots lower the problem of getting macular degeneration, which is a symptom that 90% of the people of both the genders develop due to ageing process.It is quite natural for adults to face the condition of loss of vision when they reach their mid forties. Therefore , eating at least half apricot daily can minimize the chances of macular degeneration by nearly 35%.

Macular Degeneration

Combats Fevers

When your body gets high temperature, have a glass of apricot juice with glucose to relieve your self from fever.  The vitamins and minerals of apricot can also provide rehydration effect which is highly essential for a human body having fever.


Alkaline Effect For Proper Digestion

Eating apricot before your meals can treat digestive disorders if you have any. Anyways, too much of anything is dangerous hence try not to eat too many apricots before your food, as they even may in turn tamper your digestion system.Being a vital source of fiber, apricots do provide much of the health benefits related to digestive track in a human body. Diverticulosis a condition which causes cancer can be controlled with apricots. As an estimated calculation, an individual should get approximately 35 grams of fiber as a daily value and apricots are a good provider for the same.


Know About The Health Disasters With Orange Color Apricots

The most common variant of apricot is the orange colored one, but apricots in brown color are known to be non organic fruits. When non organic apricots are given the chemical treatment with sulphur dioxide , their color turns in to orange. The sulfites thus stored on them may cause asthma symptoms to a person. Life should be enjoyed with sound health and to realize it, obviously you should shop for fruits and eat them to keep your health.

Orange Apricots

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