Healthy Diet Breakfast Options

Eating a healthy diet breakfast is important to get your day off to a good start. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea as our body needs more energy earlier in our day and less in the evening. While most breakfast foods should be avoided, there are plenty of healthy diet options available.

If you are in a hurry each morning, you can make a breakfast smoothie that makes you feel full. Take 1 whole banana, 1 cup of 1% low fat milk, 2 tablespoons of low fat peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of chocolate flavored protein powder, and 1 cup of ice and put everything into a blender. Mix well until smooth. You can poor this into your travel cup and drink it while you take the kids to school or on your way to work.

If you have more time to sit down and actually eat a healthy diet breakfast, then you may like oatmeal. You can add fresh fruit to the oatmeal for better flavoring. If you like eggs, you can eat as many as you desire. Just be sure to use the egg whites only and discard the yolks. Using fresh mushroom, onions and peppers you can make yourself a nice omelet. If you like toast, use whole grain bread. Rather than using butter, or preserves high in sugar, take and mash up fresh fruit and add a little honey to give it texture. Or you can use honey by itself.

If you like breakfast meats you can find healthy diet substitutes. There are plenty of vegetable based meat substitutes available at your grocery store or whole food store. Just check the ingredients and nutritional information on the back to make sure the meat substitute is low in fats, sodium and cholesterol. There are substitutes available for bacon and sausage that taste almost like the real meat.

Fresh fruit is good at any meal, especially breakfast. You can use melons, citrus fruits, apples, different seasonal berries, cherries, bananas, papayas, mangos, grapes and any other fruit you like. There are many healthy diet breakfast foods available for you to experiment and come up with new breakfast favorites.

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