Healthy Foods to Lower High Cholesterol

Most of the foods we consume each and every day can lead to high cholesterol. Even though we might think something is healthy for us, most of the time, if it tastes good, then it is not healthy for us. There are many foods out there that substitutes are available. While they may not taste exactly like the bad foods we love to eat, they do come close and are healthy.

Instead of eating potato chips or French fries both of which have unhealthy fats and cause high cholesterol, you should each consume peanuts, walnuts or almonds. All three of these nuts are healthy options. You should try to get nuts that are packaged as reduced sodium or sodium free.

When cooking with oil, you should avoid oils that are high in saturated and trans fats. Check the nutritional information label on the back of the product. Both olive oil and canola oil are lowest in saturated fats and contain no trans fats or cholesterol. Rather than using butter, find a butter substitute such as margarine that is lower in these fats.

If you get a sweet tooth, rather than eating a snack high in cholesterol, try blueberries, grapes, oranges, apples, or other fruit instead. Or snack on fresh broccoli, carrots, avocados, or other vegetable. You should avoid dipping the snacks into anything like dressings as those contain high amounts of fats that cause high cholesterol.

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Rather than eat deep fried foods, like chicken, shrimp and fish, consume foods that are baked or boiled instead. Remove the chicken skin from the chicken before baking. Shrimp can be boiled in water with the skin on. Then once cooled, peel and eat. Salmon and other white fish should be baked. All of these foods should not be coated with breading either.

You can add lemon juice, natural spices like thyme, garlic, or parsley to add flavoring to lean meats and vegetables. Experiment with the spices in your spice rack to create great tasting healthy foods. Any of your citrus juices can also be used to add flavor, such as lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit.

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