Heartburn Remedies that Do Not Cost Much

Heartburn is a common problem which affects nearly half of all people at some point in their lives.  So you can only imagine how much money is spent trying to get rid of this aggravating ailment, otherwise known as acid reflux.  Below are some heartburn remedies that do not cost much, if anything at all.

We all know that drinking plenty of water is good for us for many reasons.  If you are not already consuming your share, then go get yourself a nice tall glass to sip on while you finish reading this article.  Water helps heartburn by speeding up the digestion process.  It also helps neutralize the stomach acids that digest food. If that is not enough, water also helps wash the acids that did escape up into your esophagus back down to your stomach where they belong.  Also, it helps increase normal saliva production which is also an acid neutralizer.

The next thing to do with hot water is use it to fill up an old fashioned hot water bottle.  Most people already own one but if you do not you can purchase one at your local pharmacy store or supermarket.  They are inexpensive and a good thing to have for many reasons and heartburn is one of them.  After you have filled the bottle up with hot water, sit down in a comfortable chair but do not lie down as this can make your heartburn worse.  Then place the bottle on the right side of your body over your abdomen.  This works by warming your insides and helps speed the digestion process.

Heartburn remedies that are free include exercise and walking, which does not cost you anything but time.  Though it is not good to do strenuous exercise after eating a large meal, it does help to stay in an upright position.  This helps by keeping the acids down, and allows the digestion process to work more efficiently.  Go for a nice stroll after eating, slow and steady, and not anything more.  If you do not want to go for a walk, then use this slot of time to get the dishes done and the kitchen clean.

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