Herbal and Natural Bath Blends for Relief from a Herpes Outbreak

3 Herbal and Natural Bath Blends For Herpes Outbreak

The sores and lesions you get from the herpes virus can leave you feeling itchy and irritated.  It is important during a herpes outbreak to keep your stress level low which can be difficult.  Try soaking in an herbal bath.  This will help you in two ways, by leaving you feeling less stressed and a lot less itchy.  It will also get you and the infected areas clean, which is a must.

oatmeal bath

The first natural bath blend can be found in most kitchen pantries, so no special trips to find these ingredients.  Add one cup of plain dry oatmeal under the running water of your bath.  This should be the old fashioned kind of oats, though you may use instant as well.  Do not use the flavored package varieties, as these could contain ingredients that could be irritating to your skin.  If you do not have oatmeal on hand, it can be purchased at your local grocery store.  The generic brand works great, no need to spend extra for the name brands.  Soak in this bath for as long as you want.  When finished you may want to rinse off under the shower to ensure all oats are removed.  The oatmeal works by aiding as an anti itch remedy.  It can also help the sores dry to promote healing of a herpes outbreak.

cotton bags for teas

The next blend requires a piece of cotton cloth.  You could cut a nice sized piece from an old clean cotton tee shirt or use a handkerchief.  You can also find cotton bags for teas or baths at your local health food or fabric stores that work fine too.  Mix together half a cup of dry oatmeal, one cup of dry chamomile herb, and a half cup each of comfrey leaf, comfrey root and calendula.  All of these herbs can be found at your local health food store or whole food market.  Place a scoopful of this mixture into the center of your piece of cloth, tying it closed with a piece of string.  Place this in your bath and take a good soak.  This helps to relieve itching and pain of a herpes outbreak.  Store any extra mixture in a clean dry container with a tight fitting lid.