10 Herbal Remedies For Heavy Periods

Almost every woman experiences heavy bleeding at some point or another during her menstrual cycle. The medical term for heavy bleeding is Menorrhagia. Heavy bleeding is not a cause of concern if it happens once in a while. However, if you bleed heavily every time you have your periods then you must immediately consult a medical practitioner.

Heavy Periods

There can be many reasons for heavy bleeding and it is a cause of concern if all that bleeding is leaving you tired and anemic. It is important to get yourself treated as soon as possible.During Menorrhagia a woman typically changes the pads every hour or so. Some women may bleed normally but their periods will continue till up to 10 days or more. The bleeding may or may not be accompanied with cramping.

Heavy periods can be treated at home effectively using simple herbal remedies. Some of the herbs required for the treatment are readily available in almost all kitchens at any given time. You must be regular with these treatments if you wish to avoid heavy bleeding in future. Most of these herbs o not have any side effects if used in the long term. Hence, you can be regular in their intake.

Best Herbal Remedies For Treating Heavy Periods


Ginger has herbal properties that are extremely beneficial in the treatment of various ailments. Most of us tend to use ginger in our daily cooking.
To treat heavy periods peel about 20 grams of ginger. Crush the ginger and add it to 150ml of boiling water. Steep the ginger in water for 4-5 minutes. Strain the treated water and discard the ginger.

Add a teaspoon of honey or a dash of lemon in the water for flavor. Drink this ginger water while it is still warm. You must begin drinking ginger water thrice a day a couple of days before your date. Drink the water every day even while you are menstruating. You will immediately notice a difference. Ginger water will also effectively cure any cramping.



Cinnamon again has excellent medicinal properties that are very effective in treating various ailments related to blood. When consumed during periods, cinnamon helps regularize and normalize the flow of blood.

Prepare cinnamon tea by adding a stick of cinnamon to 200ml of boiling water. Boil for 5-7 minutes. Remove the stick from the water and drink the tea while it is still warm. Cinnamon tea should be had twice a day during menstruation to stop heavy bleeding.



Thyme is known for its relaxing quality. It helps ease the cramping of the muscles and also maintain regular and normal flow of blood from the body.
Treat heavy periods by drinking two cups of thyme tea daily.

You can prepare thyme tea by boiling aa teaspoon of dried thyme leaves in 250ml of water. Do not add sugar or honey to this herbal tea. Drink it warm. Alternatively, you can also freeze thyme tea by pouring it into ice trays. Rub the thyme ice cubes on your abdomen to get relief from cramping.



Coriander is excellent for regulating flow of blood during periods. It also relaxes the muscles thus providing relief from cramping.Boil 20 grams of dried coriander or 18 grams of coriander seeds in 200ml of water. Allow the water to boil for longer than 10 minutes.

When the water is reduced to almost half its original quantity, turn off the flame and let the water come down to a warm temperature. Drink this warm coriander concoction on empty stomach. Start this treatment a week before your date and continue right until your periods stop.


Banana Flower

Banana flower is not a readily available herb but it has proven to be very effective in controlling heavy flow of blood during menstruation.Cook and eat banana flower along with a cup of yogurt.

This combination is known to produce progesterone in the body that helps prevent more than normal bleeding. Eat cooked banana flowers at least 4-5 times in a month.

Banana Flower


Jujube tea taken along with red dates is a proven cure for heavy bleeding. In fact tea prepared from jujube leaves is known for treating anemia. Prepare jujube tea by boiling 15 grams of jujube leaves along with a spoonful of red dates in 200ml of water. Drink this tea 10-12 times in a month especially while you are menstruating.

Jujube tea

Wood Apple Leaf

Thoroughly clean 20 grams of wood apple leaves and grind them to paste form by adding a little warm water.

Oral intake of this concoction twice a day is known to prevent heavy loss of blood during periods. In fact, eating the fruit wood apple is also an effective remedy for heavy bleeding.

Wood Apple Leaf


Sacred fig is widely known for its medicinal properties. It is also an effective cure against heavy bleeding during menstruation. Prepare concoction of fresh laves of sacred fig using warm water. Take this a tablespoon of this concoction twice a day during your periods to prevent excessive loss of blood from the body.


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Dry roast about 40 grams of mustard seeds and then let them cool. Grind the roasted seeds into fine powder form.

Add two grams of powdered mustard seeds to a cup of warm milk. Do this treatment at least 10 days in a month to reduce of loss of blood during periods.



Since ancient times licorice has been exploited for its medicinal properties. The herb is used for treating various conditions and disorders including heavy menstrual bleeding.Peel the outer covering of licorice and grind it to a fine powder form. Store the powder in an air tight container. Add 3 grams of licorice powder to a cup of blood rice and eat this 10-12 times in a month to cure Menorrhagia.

Along with these herbal remedies it is also important that a woman takes utmost care of her daily diet and eats healthy and nutritious food to compensate for the loss of blood. A well-balanced diet is in itself the most effective cure for treating any kind of ailment. For any kind of treatment to work completely it should be supported with a nutritious diet.