High Fiber Diet To Lose Weight

When going on a diet to lose weight it is important to make sure that you do not lose weight drastically.  This is very unhealthy for the body. Rather you should look at changing your eating habits and consume more fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fish, chicken and only lean cuts of beef. You should forgo foods that are high in cholesterol, high in trans fats, and high in sodium. You should avoid any food that is fried or deep fried in oils.

The average person does not consume enough fiber in their daily diet. When you start eating healthy to lose weight, you are actually increasing your fiber intake. There are a number of healthy foods that are high in fiber. These foods include oats, wheat, rice and other grains, various fruits and vegetables, as well as certain nuts. When following a high fiber diet you should try to consume about thirty grams of fiber each day.

A high fiber diet helps to regulate the digestive system. It also works to make bowel movements more regular and help prevent hemorrhoids from occurring. There are two different types of fibers found in healthy foods. The first type of fiber is soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can be found in bran, oats and some fruits. Soluble fiber helps feed the healthy bacteria found in the colon. These bacteria are needed to help digest foods and absorb nutrients into the body. This type of fiber has also been documented to help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body.

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The second type of fiber is insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber can be found in wheat, rice and other grains, as well as vegetables. This type of fiber helps absorb excess water from the body and pass it out in your bowel movements. Insoluble fiber also helps to create for regular bowel movements which require less straining. Most people find when starting a healthy diet that a high fiber diet goes with eating healthy foods that are good for the body. People also notice that they drop several pounds quickly as a result of the fiber removing the excess water weight from the body.

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