7 Ailments And Their Treatments During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the immunity system of a woman is weaker than any other normal women. This makes her vulnerable to many ailments like cold, headache, cough, runny nose, backache and many others illness.


This happen particularly if she lacks balanced diet or not taking adequate measures to boost the immunity system with various natural supplements. Pregnancy comprises of several hormonal misbalance which needs to be taken care naturally. We have several home remedies to treat some common ailments and symptoms associated with pregnancy. It is always safer for pregnant women to opt for simple and natural home remedies before resorting to any kind of medications. However one should always consult doctor if any of the following discomforts persist.

Following are the some of the common ailments associated with pregnancy and the recommended home remedies during pregnancy:


Headache is a common symptom faced during the pregnancy months. Instead of taking any over the counter medicine try a warm and relaxing bath by adding some aromatic oils. You can also try some stress reducing exercises like shoulder circling that helps a lot. Follow a relaxation routine. Try hot packs on shoulders or on back of neck.

Also try cold packs on forehead which is very effective for relieving headache during pregnancy for many women. You can also inhale steam for headache relief. Inhale plain steam or add few drops peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil to get relief from headache and blocked nose. These are very effective home remedies for headache during pregnancy. Try to avoid acetaminophen, aspirin or any combination drug.


Cold, runny nose, hay fever and cough

These are all the common symptoms during pregnancy. Consume ginseng or garlic, or add them to your food. You can also take ginseng or garlic capsules with extracts. In a glass of water add honey and lemon juice and drink. It is very effective in treating cough and cold. The symptoms of sore throat can be relieved by taking hot soups.

In a glass of water add salt. Gargle with this salt water solution to soothe sore throat. In a glass of warm milk add little turmeric and drink. You can also drink ginger tea to treat cold. These are some of the effective and natural home remedies for cold during pregnancy. These remedies are safer treatment than aspirin and cough syrups.



Backaches are commonly faced by pregnant women. You canget relief from backaches with cold or hot packs. Massages can also be of great help. Do light exercise for the strength of abdominal muscles. But avoid muscle relax ants and aspirin if the condition is not that severe.


Stomach Acidity

As your baby grows up it takes more space within your body due to which there is shortage of space in your stomach. This result in the formation of the stomach acid as it is frequently sent back to the esophagus. This condition is known as heartburn or acidity. If you are suffering from acidity during pregnancy you need to control the acid production and prevent it from going up to the esophagus.

Natural drinks are very helpful in combating acidity. You can have carbonated water to treat acidity. Combine lemon juice with honey and drink. It is a great drink to prevent acidity. Another major acid fighter is Aloe Vera. Drink aloe juice to combat acidity. Prepare a tea with basil and drink to eliminate acidity. You can also take chamomile tea or peppermint tea to get relief form acidity. Keep any of these natural remedies at hand to treat stomach acidity. Milk is also effective to treat heartburn.

But it may only provide a temporary relief. Another very effective remedy for stomach acidity is gum. Chew a gum after completing your eating. It will make your salivary glands release more saliva without actually adding any food to stomach. This extra saliva will help to neutralize stomach acid. To treat queasiness chew a cinnamon gum. It has a soothing effect on stomach. However avoid mint gum as mint makes acidity worse.

Stomach acidity


This is also another common problem during pregnancy. High levels of hormones brings several skin changes which includes zits, pimple and acne outbreaks. If you develop pimple on your skin strictly avoid any beauty products and hygienic products that contain hydrocortisone, sulfacetamide and tretinoin. Products that include adapalene, salicylic acid or azelaic acid should also not be used.

There is no relevant study available to determine the safety or effectiveness of these products during pregnancy. The major home remedy to prevent pimples and acne during pregnancy is to drink lots of water. Drinking water will prevent chances of dehydration. Dehydration is majorly accompanied by constipation which is one of the main reasons of acne problem.



Constipation is also very common during pregnancy. It can start at an early stage right from conception and may prevail throughout the pregnancy period. You can definitely combat constipation with proper natural remedies. Strictly avoid alcohol as it is one of the major causes of dehydration that leads to constipation. You need to be hydrated always. Consume eight to ten glass purified water daily.

To help the bowel movement, you should take foods that are rich in fiber such as brown rice, whole grains and lots of liquid including fruit juices. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits rich in fiber to combat constipation during pregnancy. Ginger is a very good natural remedy for constipation and indigestion during pregnancy. Add ginger to your diet. Garlic also aids in eliminating constipation and make syour colon stronger.



This problem is faced during late pregnancy. Go for a brisk walk every day. This will ease tension that keeps you awake. Take a warm bath before bed. You can also take a glass of tepid milk. Take a massage or listen to music. However you should avoid taking sleeping pills or alcohol. You can also practice a little yoga before sleep.


Tips during pregnancy

Experts recommend that pregnant women should take plenty of seasonal and fresh fruits. Pregnant woman should also avoid processed and deep fried foods. You should take at least 4 to 5 variety of fruits regularly. Control your stress level by practicing regular meditation. Meditation helps to prevent acne and pimples during pregnancy.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.