Home Remedies For Acne

Acne outbursts can affect almost anybody and everybody but statistics have revealed that teenagers are found to be affected by acne the most. A number of factors can trigger acne outbursts. Most teenagers suffer from acne because of hormonal changes and imbalances.

There is nothing much you can do about it and such acne outbursts are likely to disappear with age. But certain other factors like unhealthy eating habit, certain digestive issues etc. can also trigger acne. Acne outbursts not only makes your face look dull, but it can also lead to itching and irritation. Moreover an acne can even leave a scar on your face forever. So it is very important to deal with such acne outbursts at the earliest to prevent the consequences.

It is very important to get to the root of any ailment to treat it. Even in case of acne outbursts it is very necessary that you eliminate the root cause of such outbursts. For instance, a person suffering from constipation is likely to get acne. In such cases your motive should be to rectify your digestive disorders to get rid of acne.

Eating a good diet, drinking plenty of water and having appropriate medications on time helps get rid of such ailments and hence acne. Apart from making these necessary changes in your daily habits you can also try certain home remedies for acne.

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Keep your face clean at all times. Applying a face pack made of turmeric, gram flour and cold milk helps a great deal in controlling acne outbursts. Aloe Vera gel from the plant can also be applied to the acne affected or acne prone areas for treating acne. Taking steam from water boiled with some holy basil leaves works wonders in clearing acne.

Orange peel powder mixed with cold milk can be applied to face to clear acne and other skin blemishes. You can also try applying vitamin E oil to your face to get rid of acne. Honey also possess antiseptic properties and hence you can apply a mixture of honey and few drops of lemon juice on your face to clear acne. Avoid applying lemon juice if you have a wound or any tiny bruise on your face. These tips and home remedies will work wonders on your skin and will eliminate your acne problems also.

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